Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Pedro Beltrán Abogados
Commercial and corporation law, debt recovery, separations and divorces, community property law and more.
Fernando Ferragud Pardo
Lawyer specializing in court work with German and British clients. Speaks English, Spanish, German and French.
RCG Consulting
For legal advice, tax consultancy, financial and trust services, insurance and real estate investments.
Poveda Vicedo Abogados-Solicitors
General practice law firm with private client and business services.
Aroca Seiquer & Asociados
Legal advice, conveyancing to buy and sell, fiscal representation, taxes in Spain, power of attorney, mortgages and more.
Manuela Davalos Ferrandez
Offering all types of legal services, including titles, contracts, wills, heritages, purchases, powers of attorney and so on.
Pellicer & Heredia
Dealing with claims, debt recovery, starting a business, inheritance, taxes in Spain and various other services.
Dextra Asesores
Services include fiscal advice, labor management, brands, contracts and accountancy preparation others.
Ábaco Advisers
Resident and non-resident tax advice, property conveyancing, mortgage services, Spanish wills and more.
Gestoría Durán
Guidance and advice in all aspects of real estate, work contracts, NIE, residency, vehicle registration, inheritance and wills.
Quiroga Aragon
Legal, company and fiscal advice, conveyance and foreign department.
Pedro Heredia Abogados
Lawyers in administrative, civil, private international, information technology and various other sectors.
Corral & Alcaraz Law Firm
Team of solicitors, barristers and tax consultants offers expertise in Spanish Property Law.
Martin Arellano and Asociados
Deals with property conveyancing, wills, NIE, residence permits and civil litigation.
M&S Interealty
Building and structural surveyors also legal advice department.
Mercedes Cuevas Lawyers
Law firm practicing family, criminal, insolvency, civil, inheritance and company. 
SG International Legal & Tax Services
Bilingual lawyers and chartered accountants offering a wide range of legal services.
Blanco Abogados
Team of independent lawyer and legal advisers, based in Costa Blanca.
Valero & San Román Abogados
Offers advice on Spanish real estate and property law, probate, civil and criminal litigation, tax, insurance.
Dehavay Services
Legal and fiscal representation for conveyancing, NIE and social security, wills, insurance and more.
Vives Pons & Asociados
Lawyers for property law, moving to Spain, tax and fiscal advice.
Express Legal Solicitors
English Solicitors practice based in La Nucia and Moraira offering help and legal advice.
Advanta Group
Multilingual and experienced in assisting clients of all nationalities in all legal matters.
MB Martin Abogados
Abogados for conveyancing, international probate, business law, building, planning and environment law among others.
Webster Asesores SL
Specialized fields include family, fiscal, mercantile, corporate and legal. 
Professional Business Support
 Integrated tax, accountancy and company formation services offered to to Spanish-based clients from abroad.
Costamed Consulting
Provide a service of fiscal representation, inheritance and capital gains tax and wills prepared and notarized.
LexTax Consulting
Legal and business advice company offering a comprehensive service in all branches of law.
Omnia Lex International Lawyers
Offers a range of legal services for residents and non-residents.
Poveda & Associates
Property, conveyancing, probate, company and tax legal advice for foreign residents and non-residents.
G40 Lawyers
Lawyers specializing in a wide range of immigration law services.
White & Baos
Litigation, dispute resolution, family and cohabitation law, inheritance and various other legal services offered.
BZN Lex International Lawyers
Legal services including property, inheritance, business, civil, criminal and human rights litigation.
Sun Lawyers
Legal, financial and property services offered..
Luis Bajo Fernandez
Legal advice for British citizens including conveyance, inheritance, wills, town hall appeals and planning permission.
Monkerud Asesores
Tax, accounting and business services for individuals, non-residents and companies.
Spanish Solutions
Legal and fiscal firm for Spanish property conveyancing, ownership, wills, NIE numbers and Residencias among others.
Blau Abogados
A team of experts carrying out all legal procedures related to purchasing and selling a property in Spain.
Link Point Legal
Legal problems solved in Spain and the UK. English and Spanish Lawyers and business management consultants.
Manuela Hidalgo
Legal boutique which offers a multi disciplinary service with a high level of specialization.
Albir Abogados
Offers expertise in Spanish wills, inheritance, conveyancing and more.
Bressers Law
International law firm with experience in different jurisdictions which defends the interests of nationals and foreigners.
Specializes in a wide range of legal services.
RDT Abogados
Bi-lingual solicitors with specialist UK client department.
Ripoll Abogados
Specialists in conveyancing, taxation, inheritance law, bankruptcy law and international family law.
Letralia Lawyers
Areas of expertise include conveyancing, fiscal and litigation.
TLA Independent Lawyers
Tax advisors, lawyers and architects for construction and property law, wills and inheritance, family law, divorce, debt recovery, accident claims and conveyance issues. Members of the Law Society of England and Wales.
CC Abogados
Specializes in commercial law, civil law and claims against banks.
Pla Carretero Law Firm
Wide range of legal advisory services offered in Spain.
Tomas Ballestero Lawyers & Solicitors
Legal services and advice for debts collections, wills, taxes, divorce and traffic accidents.
MG Legal Consulting
Property conveyancing for residents and non-residents, advise on company formation, wills, inheritance, litigation and others.
Fuster & Associates
Multi-lingual law firm specializing in property law services.
CPM Lawyers
Bi-lingual solicitors assisting you in your language to solve your legal problems in Spain.
Sánchez Chillon
Independent advice on property purchase, Valencian planning law, and building contracts.
JMS Lawyer
Law firm that covers your legal needs in English. Specialized in conveyancing and inheritances. Av. Alegría 43, 2-3 03194-La Marina (Elche) Alicante.