Museums & Monuments

Museu de Belles Arts de Castellon
The museum of fine arts shows a number of exhibitions, some permanent, in different locations throughout the building. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00-20:00 and Sunday 10:00-14:00. Located at Avenida Hermanos Bou 28, 12003 Castellon.
Tomas Valcarcel Holy Week Museum
Statues, thrones, standards with artisan embroidery, displays of sculptures, paintings and other objects of interest are exhibited at this museum. Open Monday to Saturday 10.00-13.00 and 17.00-19.00 (except Holy Week). At Calle Formentera, Torrevieja.
Museo Delso
An exhibition of sculptures and murals in this private museum owned by Pedro Delso. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-13:00. At Calle Topazi 12 Apdo 15, Alfaz del Pi.
Orduna House.
Municipal museum showing how the titled families lived in the 18th century in the Castle of Guadelest. There is also an art exhibition which changes regularly.Open every day except New Years Day from 10:00-18:00.
Museo de Microminiaturas.
A collection of micro-minature works of art on display in the center of Guadalest. Museum open every day from 10:00-16:00 except 1 January each year.
Palacio de Cervello
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-14:00 and 16:30-20:30, Sundays and fiestas 10:00-15:00. Exhibition of municipal historic files and records from 1729, and displays and records of Valencian medieval trade. Located at Plaza de Tetuan 3, 46003 Valencia.
Coleccion de Vehiculos Historicos
Museum of restored motorcycles and small cars in the Guadelest valley between Callosa and Guadalest. Open in winter from 10:30-18:00 and summer season 10:30-19:30 every day except Saturday.
Wax Museum
Situated close to the Church of the Carmen. Contains more than 100 waxworks of famous people. Open 10:30-22:00 at Avda del Mediterráneo 8, 03500 Benidorm.
Museo de Tortura Medieval
Torture museum with exhibits from Medieval times to the 20th century. Situated in the old town of Guadalest. Open from 10:00-16:30 every day except Wednesdays and the 1 January each year.
An underwater voyage to view the secrets and ecosystem of the seas and oceans. Open 10:00-18:00 every day except August 10:00-24:00, 25 December and 1 January 12:00-20:00. Situated in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Autopista del Saler, Valencia.
El Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia (Fine Arts)
The recently restored museum houses drawings and engravings, in addition to archaeological sculptures, architectonic fragments, decorative photographs and arts with impressive paintings from the 18th century.
Museo al Aire Libre - Villa Romana de lAlbir
Open-air museum displaying the Roman baths and thermal areas from 1500 years ago. Open 10:00-14:00 Saturdays, Sundays and fiesta days. Group bookings available in the week. Located at Bulevard dels Musics 28 Platja Albir, 03581 Albir.
Museo del Turron
A private museum dedicated to the nougat and marzipan industry in Jijona/Xixona . Situated on the Carretera Jijona-Busot, km 1, 24 km from Alicante . Open 10:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 to 13:00 weekends and bank holidays.
Isibani Encaustic Centre and Museo Delso
Museo Delso park and ceramic art, Pedro Delso house and studio, windmill studio, bodega cave art. Isibani Encaustic candle art studio, Encaustik workshop, Encaustic training centre. Located at Calle Topazi 12, 03580 Alfaz del Pi.
City of the Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Cie...
The "city" houses the interactive science museum, loceanografic an underwater city and an IMAX cinema. Also has gardens and an arena for musical and theatrical performances. Avda. Instituto Obrero de Valencia, s/n, Monte Olivete, Valencia.
MARQ Museum
Archaeological museum featuring a historic journey through Prehistory, Iberian Culture, Roman Culture and Middle Ages. At Placa Dr Gomez Ulla, 03013 Alicante.
Casa Tipica.
Museum in a village house in the old town of Guadelest showing everyday life from the 18th century until the arrival of electricity in the 20th century, and the traditional method of producing olive oil. Open from 10:30-14:30 and 15:30-18:00.