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For back pain, headaches, migraines, dizziness, hypertension, arthritis, bad posture; for neck, shoulder, arm, hip, leg, feet and joint pain; for sciatica, numbness, tingling, slipped disc, scoliosis, pinched nerves, and more. Book an appointment now.

Chiropractor Sean Hanton  
Has studied five years of Chiropractic career in the University Glamorgan in Trefforest, Wales, UK.


Helga Bravar: Helga got up one morning with a sharp pain in the left groin that did not allow her to move or walk properly. Just puting her foot on the ground was horribly painful for her. Doctors gave her anti-inflammatory but the pain gradually got worse and started travel down the entire left leg.  

"After a few chiropractic sessions, the pain and the symptoms started to disappear and soon I was able to live normally. The chiropractor explained step by step the whole process and made me feel very safe. Im back to climbing and doing sports as before! "

Amparo Ivorra: Recommended by her daughter, Amparo decided to seek for a chiropractor´s help. After many years of aches and pains in the middle and lower back, she had begun to have problems in the left arm and shoulder. The pain was unbearable and for that reason she started to take lots of medication that did not help her at all.

"My health has benefited in every way, I can sleep better and have a normal life. I have almost no pain! My left shoulder and arm has fully recovered and I no longer need anyone to help me with the daily basis home activities. I am cheerful and active. The experience has been wonderful, my quality of life has dramatically improved"

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