Horadada Consulting


Translation services for attending Police Stations and Guardia Civil to make a report. Paperwork for driving licenses, padron, NIE, resident cards, social security number. Specialist medical appointments from Torrevieja to Cartagena. 

English/Spanish Interpreter & Legal Consultant based in Pilar de la Horadada.

Qualifications available.

Translation services:

  • Police Stations and Guardia Civil: We need the assitance of an interpreter to make a report at police station(car theft, burglaries, etc)
  • PaperworkDriving Licenses, Padron, NIE, Resident cards, Social Security Number and any kind of procedures (Schools, Town Halls, Electric Companies, Tax Office, etc)
  • Health Centres and Hospitals: interpreting at any place from Torrevieja to Cartagena, making appointments, speaking to Specialists, GPs and nurses.