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Osteopath, Masseur, Clinical/Remedial/General Sports Therapist, Still Point Relaxation. Registered with The General Osteopathic Council (U.K.) Reg. no. 3828. Fellowship of Sports Masseurs and Therapists. Osteopathic Sports Care Association.


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James M. P. Doyle D.O


Masseur – Clinical/Remedial/General

Sports Therapist

Still Point Relaxation

Registered with

The General Osteopathic Council (U.K.)

Reg. no. 3828

Fellowship of Sports Masseurs and Therapists

Osteopathic Sports Care Association



Over 30 years-Hands on clinical experience


Injury - Trauma - Pain - Muscles - Ligaments - Tendons - Joints - Discomfort - Stiffness - Movement - Balance - Coordination - Conditioning - Performance - Posture - Ergonomics - Neural - Vascular - Lymphatic.                                                                                                                            

Still point relaxation


Osteopathy is the therapeutic science of the structural and mechanical balance of the body.”



·         Dysfunction of this balance can, in turn, disturb the functions of the articular - neuromusculoskeletal - locomotor - proprioceptive - vascular - lymphatic - cerebrospinal fluid - cardiopulmonary - respiratory and visceral systems.

·         Osteopathy attempts to restore balance and harmony, via soft tissue, mobilization, palpatory, and manipulative techniques, aligned with conditioning, lifestyle, ergonomic and postural advice.

·         The general principle is – Restore Function and let the innate healing mechanisms restore equilibrium, naturally.