Stephen Ashley Psychotherapist

Stephen Ashley, Registered Psychotherapist. Offering brief or long-term relational psychotherapy to individuals and couples. EMDR trained. On-line therapy offered. Weekly clinics in Alicante, LAlfaz del Pi and Benijofar.

Services include:

Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you get back in control and going forward.  In just a few sessions you can understand why you have got lost, rediscover your sense of purpose and what is really important for you, and then make a plan to achieve it.  This is available and applicable to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Couple Councelling

Couple Councelling can assist both individuals and couples who want to work to get a relationship going forward once again.

Organisational Development

Organisational development can help your company have an easily expressed and understood purpose where everyone knows the part they play.


Working to bring a linked intellectual and emotional understanding of issues that sit beneath your symptoms to reduce and remove the power they have to negatively impact and influence your adult life.

Psycotheraputic Assessment

This approach is particularly valuable when decision makers have differing views and can be used where there are issues around:

  • educational decisions
  • potential relocation of home career changes
  • decisions on care for relatives relationship decisions
  • retirement options

Therapy On-line

Geography, particularly in a large countries like Spain, together with illness, disability, work pressures and other issues can preclude face to face meetings, where you have such issues, remote working by a mixture of telephone, video and  email, backed by physical meetings when possible, is something that can work for you.

Brief Therapy

Psychotherapy is not only about work in a long-term relationship between patient and therapist. Circumstances may dictate otherwise and productive and valuable work is possible in an agreed timescale where 6 or 12 weeks are typical periods that work well.