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Good evening. Can anyone help me? I am triying to book an appointment to apply for residency. Does anyone know the website I need to use to book the Cita Previa? Many thanks

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Hiwe are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a holiday home in Costa Blanca. We want somewhere not too far from Alicante airport, somewhere not buzzing but with a bit of life, within walking distance of a nice beach, pretty, scenic and somewhere that wont cost a fortune. Is that possible ? Also any pros and cons very much appreciated and any estate agents/solicitor recommendationsWe are just looking for somewhere for us and friends to use and maybe occasionally rent outmany thanksRuby 

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Hola, My Partner and I are thinking to buy a property in Benidorm. We are US citizens by naturalization and want to retired outside US eventualy. Where can I get information about the current laws of become a Spain resident. Would buying a property in Benidorm expedite the process to residency? Are there agencies I can contact to start the process? What is the best are in Benidorn to buy property? As you can see, I have lots of questions, so any information would be greatly appreciate it. Regards,

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Hello...i am looking for a second hand pool table,  but when i put 'pool table' into the forum search i get all sorts of stuff about swimming pools,  coffee tables and other such stuff.  What do i need to put in to just get Pool Table info Cheers

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Hello   You have changed the web site and I cannsot find how I can advertise items for sale.  Thank you

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Hi, we are looking to retire to he Costa Blanca within the next 12 months and could do with any help you can provide on the following:- Best places to live on the Costa Blanca? Ex pat versus Spanish areas? Whats it like to live on a gated community? Does anyone know of a Rowing Club? And of course anything else you think I should know about would be of a great help? We are 52 and 55, very young at heart and looking forward to slowing down, spending more time together, cycling, walking, eating, drinking, socialising. I need to come to Spain for the climate due to my spinal condition, so I am hoping the sun is going to help me and the slower pace of life. Looking forward to discussing these subjects with you Donna

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I understood that it was not possible to put commercial posting on the forum but it does appear to happen. Could you confirm it is against the T and Cs please

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How do i send photos

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Can someone helpe me the change my email address - can't find anything.thanks

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Hi, is anyone else getting the Internal Server error message 500 when trying to load the Lago game? It has been working fine but now it won't load! Maybe because I kept beating it ha ha. Thanks

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I need to edit a post, how do you do it?

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Looking through the various questions I thought it might be good just to have a gardening section on the forum, what do others think? It would just save time when you have read a hint and want to find it again knowing it was in gardening would make it much quicker.Freda

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I have just been having a look around this site and it is by far the best info service in Spain, nevermind the Costa Blanca. Thanks AngloInfo!

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