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Can someone helpe me the change my email address - can't find anything.thanks

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MichelleR1 1322223178

If you look at the top right hand side of this site where it says myAngloINFO, you will see My Profile. Click there and you will be able to change your email address.

badger13 1322229384

thanks for your reply.

I tried that before - did not find anywhere to change where the profile (or noticed it!) and NOW when I click on the profile, it does not response !?

Bill 1322232245

When you click on My Profile your user name and password should appear, click on submit to open a second window to change your profile details.

PanoAlto-582299 1322233302

The browser window containing your profile information would be considered to be a pop-up. If you click the 'My Profile' link but nothing appears to happen it could be that your settings disallow pop-ups. You can either change this in your browser properties or most browsers will display a message under the tool-bar allowing you to choose to allow that pop-up (or not).

Chris Shepherd

badger13 1322241868

thanks - I was successful !

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