The best site in Spain!!

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I have just been having a look around this site and it is by far the best info service in Spain, nevermind the Costa Blanca. Thanks AngloInfo!

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karen-580426 1137779148

Agree, even from afar, it makes Spain look fab!!! Happy hunting and happy birthday to the newest members of the team!

vive la france!

billy-580429 1137788721

Fantastic site, whatever information you need AngloInfo has the answer. Well done Anglo team.


behenna 1137867154

I would normally shy away from the aparent hyperbole in this title, but I have to say I'm really impressed. I was sent the URL by friends who live in Cannes, and they told me that Anglo Info was indispensible for their life. I poo-pooed them but now I can see their point - an excellent website and one that must have other CB webmasters wondering why they bothered (as I have wondered for 18 months). Well done!

banana-580435 1137890330

Exactly - well said "Behenna"

lester-580409 1137896091

Yes it is great, I just wish it had been around when I wanted to move over here a couple of months ago. It would have saved me a lot of time if I had had this information before and now I know where it is I know it will save me time in the future.

Turid-580436 1137900667


For me 2 i am Scandinavian and live here, this English site is very good for me 2 as no 1 speaks my language here. i am lucky to read and find this site on the web.

calpechick 1138306584

Anglo has been invaluable to me and my family since living over here like you wish it had ben available before leaving the uk.

well done to you all,keep up the good work guys!

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