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Where abouts in alicante is the Trafico Office?

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Hi everyone I am new member here and I need some help. I want to refresh my driving experience and now I’m looking for English instructor in Alicante or El Campello, Sant Juan. Could you tell me please is there any driving school for limited speaking Spanish people like me? :)  Thanks a lot.

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Anyone know of a guy or company that can install a Parrot Bluetooth system in a Mercedes B Class?

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Just had a terrible experience with ITV Torrevieja, Carretera Crevillente. My car was failed for lack of documentation on tinted windows and running boards (step). Both items in excellent condition... just didn't have any paperwork from the after-market installer. My question is this - does ITV do safety inspections or do they exist merely to harass citizens? Next time I will drive a little further to San Pedro.

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British Consulate Press ReleaseThefts of valuables and passports from hire cars create significant problems both for those travelling or living overseas.  A lost passport usually means a trip to the Consulate to obtain an emergency travel document to get travellers home.  Lost credit cards, boarding passes and mobile phones can further complicate the situation.   The Valencian Association of Car Hire Companies (AECOVAL) has been working closely with the British Consulate to help drive down the number of victims of car break-ins. In recognition of this, British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris was awarded the AECOVAL annual prize for the work of the Consulate in preventing problems experienced by British people motoring in Spain.    Consul Sarah-Jane said, “Prevention is always better than cure, and a little caution can go a long way in avoiding problems while travelling. Always think carefully about where you leave your valuables and passport.” Last year in the Alicante consular district, 29% of stolen passports were taken at the roadside or from vehicle break-ins; 151 Emergency Travel Documents were issued as a consequence.  Hire Car companies are keen to continue working with the Consulate on this issue, in an effort to reduce this figure.  Since November, AECOVAL car hire customers have been given top tips in a letter about staying safe and secure when driving: •           When you arrive at the airport, drive straight to your accommodation and unpack.  Thieves often target weighed down cars at supermarkets.•           Never leave valuables in the car – thieves know where you’re likely to hide things.•           Be aware of distraction theft – such as being flagged down, or having tyres punctured and then approached by thieves pretending to be helpful passers-by.•           Be aware of approaches by bogus police officers.  All police officers, including those in plain clothes, carry official ID. You can watch real footage of roadside distraction theft and learn how to prevent it at the following link:   www.bit.ly/1qnyaMY   Last year record numbers of British tourists visited Spain, and 2017 promises to be even busier.  By joining forces, AECOVAL and the British Consulate are tackling the holiday-spoiling problems which British visitors sometimes experience. Further information on travelling safely abroad can be found on the Travel Aware website:https://travelaware.campaign.gov.uk/  Travel Advice for Spain is available here:www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain

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hi We are English and live in France we are  here in Spain for a 3 month stint but have seen a car which we would like to buy. I am told this is not possible as we do not have a residentia. can anyone tell me if there is any way round this I bought our current 2 cars in England (where I am not classed as a resident) and reregistered them in France thanks  

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I have a Nissan Xtrail that needs LHD headlights which are zennon so I can only buy from the main agent. Has anyone used a realignment company in Spain and if so what are your thoughts please. I live in France so it will be a long drive to find out this process is right for my car. Many thanks in anticipation. 

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we bought a car last year and needs its MOT beginning of September. Where is the nearest MOT station to Dolores please, we are in France coming to Spain September to live

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After reading a number of posts about the safety issues, I'm wondering which route would be the safest and easiest one - via Zaragoza or Madrid?  .  There doesn't seem to be a lot of difference on the map.  We also need a budget hotel about half way with secure parking to break up the journey (only one driver and getting older now).  Any advice would be really welcome.  Thanks..

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anyone have an idea of cost of this?

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Has anyone any experience of dealing with this company ? After getting their details from Angloinfo website last September,I purchased a car from them.I met a charming guy called Gary on the services of AP7 motorway,as I lived 150 miles from their premises,and the services were midway I did a deal to buy their car,and he took mine in part exchange.There was a slight wheel wobble on the car I was buying,but Gary assured me it was only  wheel balance,and allowed me 50Euros off the price to get it done,having said that the whole car had been checked by their garage,and everything else was OK.                                          I went home and next day took the car to my local garage to get the wheels balanced.The garage was unable to do it because there was an "egg" on the inside of one of the tyres,which was dangerous.As the brand of tyre was unavailable,I had to buy 2 new ones to comply with the law.The garage also found that the brake discs were down to the minimum,so I had to have new discs all round.2 weeks later the battery failed,so it had cost me over 400Euros to make the car roadworthy.                                                                                                                                                          When I contacted The Car Trading Company they refused to accept liability as I hadn't had the work done at their garage 150 miles away,when the car was not safe to drive,and at the same garage that had checked it,and found it all OK.                                                                                            In May of this year,8 months later,I received a bill from my local council for the car tax from the car I sold them.They had not done what they said,and transferred it out of my name.                          Has anyone had any similar experiences of this company.They do not answer my emails,and all in all it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.        

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Has anybody had problems with the spanish boy racers,,,,,,in their local vacinity?

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Hi all About to take up residence in Altea and wondering if anyone can give me a contact for a business that can assist in getting my French plated car registered into Spanish system. I understand that there are many hoops to jump through and I am looking for a gestion? to undertake it for me - preferably local to Altea Thanks

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Hi,         Looking for advice.Later this year we will be driving from near Valencia to the Ferry port at Santander. As you will be aware there are two possible routes of similar distance and time. The one I fancy taking is via Madrid-Burgos. This route certainly appears to save on the cost of Tolls compared to the other route via Zaragosa. Which route would you reccomend and any useful tips. Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello, Can anybody recommend a garage which would carry out a service on my Subaru Forester? A check on the internet does not turn up any Subaru agents in my area (Benidoleig/Denia) so maybe a Subaru is not a particularly popular car in Spain? Thanks in advance for some advice! Peter Tyler  

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Hello all, I have a question that no one seems to be able to help with, including the British Embassy, so maybe you guys can help :) My husband had to stop driving due to a back injury and while he was in and out of hospital, his Spanish driving license expired. It has been expired for around 16 months. Now that he has his health back, he would like to start driving again. My question is this: Can he still go and renew his license the same as always, even though its been expired for so long? He is 73, British expat and been living here for just under 10 years. We'd really appreciate any info you can give us on this :) Thanks in advance

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Hello all Could someone tell me what the Spanish law is regarding towing trailers? Is there a limit on the weight for unbraked trailers? If so, what is it? If there is a fact sheet available that would be useful. Also does anyone know where I can find the information in Spanish? Thanks in advance for any replies.    

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There is surprise to see many British (and other countries, but mostly British) cars are using and sold privately without tax and ITV in Spain here. Many public think they can decide for themselves what European law apply to them personally, and what not. This is a delusion. Here is truth basic. Any vehicle of other European countries can be for use in Spain, as only a temporary visit (maximum 6 consecutive months in any calendar year), on the strict condition that the vehicle questioned is fully legal in country of origin is allowed . This means ITV, road tax paid current to date and valid European insurance coverage. If one or more of these essential elements not present, you do not have insurance. The policy of the company is not responsible. In the event of an accident, the owner and the driver of the vehicle both will be held personally responsible for any financial remuneration, structural and physical that can reach hundreds of thousands of euros. If can not pay, you go to jail. This is unquestionable. Vehicles from outside Spain who have no valid ITV and tax document from country of origin (and therefore invalid insurance) should be remove, dismembered or register here in the Spanish system of registration. The Civil Guardia and Police Local are pushing more and more hard to remove these illegal vehicles (and therefore dangerous publicly) of our roads and prosecute the owners and drivers to the full extent of the law. You have been warned.

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Hello, I am considering bringing my car from Luxembourg to Alicante and wanted to know when get all the legal ITV re-registering etc done if when I come to insure the vehicle does any previous no claims discount from the UK or Europe get considered? Or do I need to assume that I will be starting from 0 no claims. I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice on this matter from personal experience or friends that have gone through this process. Thanks in advance Kind Regards P  

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Hi I am returning to England soon and would like to part exchange my lhd 2007 Citreon C5 spanish registered for something similar but english registered, or maybe someone knows a car dealer in the area who sells english reg cars?.Glad for any ideasThanks  

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