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Ok, where do I start? Have a few q's about cars and driving in spain so bear with me and help if you can, I need all the help I can get!! Me and my boyfriend are moving to Benidorm in April 2007. I am driving (old) english car to Benidorm on 1st April 2007 (ferry from Plymouth to Santander). Decided to this mainly because wanted to bring too much stuff to fly and too expensive to hire a van. Thinking of bringing my old faithful, then maybe ending its life once in spain is prob the cheapest option for us. But how do I do this??? Insurance, tax (due 30/04/07 , MOT (due 11/04/2007)??? How long can I keep using it in Spain for before I have to give it up? One thing I am definitely getting is European breakdown cover (only £30, just in case old faithful don't make it all the way!) Next is regards to learning to drive. My boyfriend is 25 and has now decided he would like to learn to drive. Trying to figure out our best options. His Spanish is very limited so would need an English speaking instructor while learning in Benidorm. Is better to get provisional license in UK before we go? What about theory test, do that first too, or can you do an English one in Spain? Any help or advice anyone can offer will be great THANKS!


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Hi Nicola,

I have the same questions as you, i.e, will a uk provisional entitle me to learn in spain, and also what about the theoery test? Also, is it cheaper to learn in Spain or the same as in UK? Any answers will be great!


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As far as I know you cannot drive over here with a provisional license, You cannot have anyone but a qualified driving instructor teach you.you cannot be his teacher not like the UK dont get caught or you will get in trouble. Firstly your boyfriend must go and register with a driving school there is a english speaking school in the old town in Benidorm then you have to go with them after 3 months of studying to alicante for a theory test if you pass then you can have driving lessons with there instructor if not you have to resit you only have 3 chances or you have to start and pay again.

We paid for our daughter just for the theory I think it was 300€

Just to let you know the school is on Thomas ortuno sorry don`t know the number

hope this helps


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I's say it is probably better and cheaper for your boyfriend to take a crash course in England before you come here in April. Providing he passes, he will then get one of the new photo driving licences and that should enable him to drive with that over here for a while. Replacing a UK licence with a Spanish one (a regular topic of this forum - if you look back a while you will see the threads and should find some useful info) is easier if you have the photo card, for people with the old type of English licence, it is more difficult, and a lot more expensive!


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good advice gav. it is very expensive and have heard a bit open to corruption learning to drive over here. Take a crash course in blighty and if necessary take some confidence courses over here.

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