buying a car, without a residencia

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hi We are English and live in France we are  here in Spain for a 3 month stint but have seen a car which we would like to buy. I am told this is not possible as we do not have a residentia. can anyone tell me if there is any way round this I bought our current 2 cars in England (where I am not classed as a resident) and reregistered them in France thanks  


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Can any one tell me how I can get a duplicate PERMIS DE CIRCULATION ( CERTIFCATE UN MATRICULATION ) I bought a car off of some friends who live in Spain and have brough it back to France, they gave me a copy of above and I can not get it registered with the prefecture here unless I have th eoriginal or a duplicate.  re: Above posting it is ok to buy a car in Spain and bring back to France but make sure you have all the relavant papers other wise you will have the same pROblem as us getting it registered to your name.

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