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who can you recommend for car inurance, i am paying far more in spain,for a kangoo,7 yrs old than i am in u.k for an a4 3yrs old. i am currently with linea directa.


Torres-591103 1324210890

Why not go to the car insurance page on here and send out a few email enquiries to the companies listed. doesn't cost anything not even a phone call and if they want your business they will get back to you!

herbert-594348 1324230134

Have a look at Abbeygate they are vgood/cheaper. Also ask how much they are insuring it for and ask for that to be reduced if you think its too high.

Bill 1324247565

The AngloINFO Business Directory of local insurance companies is here: Costa Blanca Insurance: Car, Home, Life, Pets

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I use Abbeygate for my vehicles as every time I checked between them and Linea, Abbeygate were far cheaper.
Give them a ring and speak to them. You'll know if you want to do business with them or not when they give you a good price.

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Insurance is dearer in spain but the real problem is that what are classed as cars in the uk, kangoo's , berlingo's, tourneo connect ,fiat doblo, etc etc, are commercial vehicles here & insured as such.If it doesnt have turismo on the logbook then it's a van.It is possible now to change from mixto-adaptable to turismo but it's a load of aggro.

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Hi, Linea are the dearest I have ever been quoted for. The two brokers I use are, Insure Inspain (966482667), my partners Yaris Verso fully comp - €280.00. Benificial (965791222), Nissan pickup fully comp - €261.00 and Mercedes SL280 Cabrio TPF+T - €361.00.

Hope this helps

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Speak to Bill at
Benificial Spain (965791222), Cheapest I have found in 4 years.

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