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Has anyone any experience of dealing with this company ? After getting their details from Angloinfo website last September,I purchased a car from them.I met a charming guy called Gary on the services of AP7 motorway,as I lived 150 miles from their premises,and the services were midway I did a deal to buy their car,and he took mine in part exchange.There was a slight wheel wobble on the car I was buying,but Gary assured me it was only  wheel balance,and allowed me 50Euros off the price to get it done,having said that the whole car had been checked by their garage,and everything else was OK.                                          I went home and next day took the car to my local garage to get the wheels balanced.The garage was unable to do it because there was an "egg" on the inside of one of the tyres,which was dangerous.As the brand of tyre was unavailable,I had to buy 2 new ones to comply with the law.The garage also found that the brake discs were down to the minimum,so I had to have new discs all round.2 weeks later the battery failed,so it had cost me over 400Euros to make the car roadworthy.                                                                                                                                                          When I contacted The Car Trading Company they refused to accept liability as I hadn't had the work done at their garage 150 miles away,when the car was not safe to drive,and at the same garage that had checked it,and found it all OK.                                                                                            In May of this year,8 months later,I received a bill from my local council for the car tax from the car I sold them.They had not done what they said,and transferred it out of my name.                          Has anyone had any similar experiences of this company.They do not answer my emails,and all in all it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.        

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To be honest as I read through your posting I got more and more uneasy as it is never a good idea to buy in a service area and any reassurances that aren't in writing tend to be quickly forgotten. You didn't say whether €400 on top of what you paid initially was a high percentage of the purchase price or if you still think you got a bargain. 

On balance they took your car based on what they saw at the service station as well. Unfortunately listing all the things you shouldn't have done isn't really helping you.

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