Cracked Windscreen

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Can anyone tell me , is it an automatic failure for a ITV test if your windscreen has a small crack in it ? Also , if I make a claim on my car insurance , would my no claims bonus (not that the price ever comes down) be lost ? I'd be interested in anyone's past experiance in this matter Salute , BJ


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we had a car with a very small crack and it passed 4 ITVs with this. In fact I think it has two small cracks at the last one we did on it. However might well depend on who and where the ITV happens.

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Hi, If your covered on your policy for glass, then you can get it replaced without it affecting your no claims bonus. I have done it a couple of times here in the last 6 or so years. Good luck.

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Thanks for your input . I'll check what Linea Direct have to say . Here's hoping

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