Do you have to change your uk driving license?

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Just heard of the second person in our village being stopped in one of the guardia road blocks and fined 150€ for not having changed their British Driving license to a European or Spanish one because they are resident in Spain. Can someone please tell me if this is correct, as I dont want to fall foul of the law and have to pay out that much money. I live here in Spain and have a busines here but also still have a business and a house in the UK. I am registered with the tax office and pay into the system, but have not heard I have to change my license before. If someone know please tell me. I know lots of things are changing like NIE´s now only last 3 months and then you should apply for a residencia if you intend to stay longer than 108 days. But did not know about new driving license rules.


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Full details on using or exchanging a license can be found in the INFOrmation page here Using or Exchanging a Driving Licence in Spain

"All valid EU (European Union) Community and EEC (European Economic Area) driving licences are valid in Spain provided that the licence holder is 18 years or older (18 is the minimum driving age in Spain). There is no obligation for the licence to be exchanged for a Spanish one. However a foreign resident in Spain is entitled to exchange the EEA licence if they choose to"

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i was told in an email from the dvla last week if you are registered resident in spain for the greater part of time you need a spanish driving licence. re lgislation (91/439/eec) jan 1st 1997, saying that ive been trying to change my licence since last june, delay due to the dvla not replying to the trafico, alicante´s letters.

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