Driving from France - Advice required plaease!

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Hello I am due to drive from my home in France in a couple of weeks to Torrevieja. I am just after a little advice as to the best route. I arrive in Spain Near San Sebastian from France. Is it best to go: 1) Down towards Zaragoza, Teruel, Valencia and down to Torrevieja 2) From san Sebastian to Burgos, Madrid, Murcia then Torrevieja or finally 3) Across in France towards the Eastern side and just drive all the way down the A7 past Barcelona, Valencia, etc I am just after the fastest route as I will be driving during the night so I am not too bothered about scenery or tolls, etc Thanks in anticipation Regards Andy


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Also try AA routeplanner should tell you which option is fastest


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Hi Andy I do the trip often ,& use your first option.The only toll you pay is from Valencia on that route , and the road is improving daily .It could take you as little as six hours. Any other info just shout.

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