Driving from Santander to Moriara

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After reading a number of posts about the safety issues, I'm wondering which route would be the safest and easiest one - via Zaragoza or Madrid?  .  There doesn't seem to be a lot of difference on the map.  We also need a budget hotel about half way with secure parking to break up the journey (only one driver and getting older now).  Any advice would be really welcome.  Thanks..

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Hola, We drove from BILBAO to CALPE in Janurary. We have a Motorhome so we took one week to drive down to Calpe [one driver] AP 68  to Burgos then  two camp sites on the way to SEGOVIA

the next place we wanted to visit was TOLEDO it was fantastic. we did not visit MADRID as we had been there before and the road system is complicated and very busy.  ARANJUEZ and the Royal Palace well worth a visit. the next place We wanted to see was CUENCA with it,s hanging houses. after another camp site we Took the A3 to VALENCIA and the AP7 to our area calpe /moriara,

we found the roads were first class even the B roads. the toll roads were very light in traffic. the toll road from bilbao to burgos cost 23 euro; good value; our own personal motorway [only us on it; we thought is was closed and no one had told us!!]

The road you will be on is the AP67 from Santander which leads to Burgos. there are many places to stay on the way down. we had no problems with our journey mechanical or from a  security point of view and the weather was good. we covered 2000klms from the u.k. to Calpe.

Best Wishes Dave.




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I drive (from south of Alicante) to Santander pretty much every year as my parents in law live there. I take the road to Madrid, round the ring road up the A1 (stop in Buitrago de Lozoya as it reminds me of a medieval town!), through Burgos and then across to Reinosa using the N road which is a nice drive.

I've been on the N road that goes directly north over the mountains and the views are awesome. Don't get stuck up there during bad weather though, its horrendous! I was up there (during August) in a Ford C Max hire car that cornered like a tank on ice and I've never been so scared coming down hills in all my life - I had zero visibility through the rain too. There's some steep hills so bear that in mind if you're taking a camper.

Also been the Bilbao way past Vitoria on the toll road. Was quite expensive as I recall at about €30 and that was 4 or 5 years ago.

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Thanks for the info folks, very helpful.  Planning on one overnight stop on the way down.  Really looking forward to it as we are retiring permanenly to the sun.

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We did exactly that 18 mths ago - to Jávea, not Moraira, & for the same reason. We drove from Santander to Zaragoza the first day & stayed at the Hotel Nexh for a very pleasant night. (See my review on Tripadvisor - Diana, Hastings). The hotel has a secure underground car park & is on the ringroad so you don't have to go into the city centre.

The next morning we were on the motorway within a couple of minutes. The motorways in Spain are excellent & very empty. One thing to bear in mind is make sure you keep your tank topped up. We started off from Zaragoza thinking we'd soon find a petrol station & had a panicky interval when we didn't find one - in the end we had to go off the main road to a small town to find fuel!

Apart from that, the journey was excellent, very easy, very little traffic & beautiful scenery.

We're now happily installed in Jávea & loving it!

Good luck & let me know if you need any more advice ...


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Hi Diana

Thanks for the great info, just what we needed and the hotel sounds perfect as we will have a car full of stuff.

Many thanks


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Hi Dave

I'm glad I could help! And I hope the hotel is still as good as it was for us!

We too had a car full of stuff & parked briefly in the car park behind the hotel ( which looked a bit rough) but as soon as we'd registered they opened the underground car park for us, which is at the side of the hotel.

The staff were v helpful & spoke English in case you need it.

Hope you have a good journey !


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Can anyone give me details of a good, safe campsite about halfway between Santander and Calpe as I will be travelling in my motorhome some time next year?  Any advice on the best route would be helpful.  I only want to break up the journey ( getting older}  Two stops would also be okay.

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