Driving to France

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Would any one be interested in driving a car back to France for me as I have one that is not worth re registering here, before end of June if possible. Thanks.


Gloria-580727 1147817569

Where in Spain & to where in France ? How old a car ? will be travelling 3rd of june to northeren France .Please let us know more details .Regards Glo

beni03724 1147857614

What kind of car is it? You say old? Will it make the journey? Is it serviced, road worthy and insured?

Frances-580706 1147863907

Well i have 2 cars, both would best driven to the South where I have freinds who would sell them on for me. Yes they are insured and should make the journey.

beni03724 1147865483

Ok so more info on the cars please. Ferrari? Fiat 127? So you need 2 drivers.

beni03724 1147865689

Also you did not answer the question from Gloria! Where in Spain and where exactly to in France? South is a big place :)

Frances-580706 1147986094

Sorry Benissa to Fayence area a Toyotta and a Fiat.

Gloria-580727 1147996117

Bennisa no problem but where is Fayence ? regards Glo

bonjermatey-580726 1148038205

Fayence is near Frejus - between St Tropez and Cannes - and it's beautiful!!!!!!

Gloria-580727 1148377757

Best you go Bonjoumatey , as I need to go up to the top end of France so will catch the train 4th june . Regards Glo

Frances-580706 1148396155

Hello Gloria,

You could drive to Fayence and then get the Train from Le Muy. Would that work?

Bonjermatey, when can you do the drive?

Gloria-580727 1148424797

Have far better thing's to do !  Places to go ! There was never a mention of what it was worth to the owner to drive his/hers  not to good sounding car's,  to an unknown to me place  ,when I shall be travelling anyway at the end of this month  to be in Northern France for a few months. So Thanks & No thanks . Don't call me again .  Regards Gloria

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