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Hi all About to take up residence in Altea and wondering if anyone can give me a contact for a business that can assist in getting my French plated car registered into Spanish system. I understand that there are many hoops to jump through and I am looking for a gestion? to undertake it for me - preferably local to Altea Thanks


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Hi I used a Guy called Mike Maxon, from Benissa trading as Carimport , Spain. I had a French reg citroen xsara when we moved to spain and he got it reregistered for me. Excellent service and o.k. it cost a bit extra but much easier than doing it yourself, and if you don't need a Gestor for other things it will probably be cheaper with him.. His number is 642840847

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Hi and good morning,

IBy next weekend I will be an expat near Calpe and in need of an estate type car.

Options :

1) I buy on the second hand Spanish market

2) I buy a second hand German car and import it

3) in which case how much would a (reliable) car import agent charge  ?


Any recommendations from anyone ? any do and don't ?

Many grateful thanks


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