illegal vehicles in Spain

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There is surprise to see many British (and other countries, but mostly British) cars are using and sold privately without tax and ITV in Spain here. Many public think they can decide for themselves what European law apply to them personally, and what not. This is a delusion. Here is truth basic. Any vehicle of other European countries can be for use in Spain, as only a temporary visit (maximum 6 consecutive months in any calendar year), on the strict condition that the vehicle questioned is fully legal in country of origin is allowed . This means ITV, road tax paid current to date and valid European insurance coverage. If one or more of these essential elements not present, you do not have insurance. The policy of the company is not responsible. In the event of an accident, the owner and the driver of the vehicle both will be held personally responsible for any financial remuneration, structural and physical that can reach hundreds of thousands of euros. If can not pay, you go to jail. This is unquestionable. Vehicles from outside Spain who have no valid ITV and tax document from country of origin (and therefore invalid insurance) should be remove, dismembered or register here in the Spanish system of registration. The Civil Guardia and Police Local are pushing more and more hard to remove these illegal vehicles (and therefore dangerous publicly) of our roads and prosecute the owners and drivers to the full extent of the law. You have been warned.

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billi161-495326 1405850071

what welcome news, thisshould have been actioned a long time ago. why should we lawful people who do tax and make sure our vehicles are legal watch people flout the law. my only concern is the gurardia are not exactly quick to action this law. i really hope they get off their backsides and start to pull these illegal cars over and get them off the road, although i doubt it will happen

D Collins 1405940802

I agree that those Vehicles should be banned from use, the owners blatantly drive about with total disregard for the Law, come on Guardia Civil, go get them sooner than later. Dolores

one4all-436374 1407072842

It is the same all over Europe, there has always been a "select" group of British ex-pats who choose which laws apply (or not) to them and try to flout local laws wherever possible.

Freda Checks 1407666035

But from October there will no longer any UK issued tax discs, the UK Government is relying on number plate recognition cameras to see if a car is taxed, or not.

So unless the Spanish (or indeed any other country) have the same ANR system linked to the DVLA database they will not know whether the vehicle is legal, or not!!

Go figure!!

billi161-495326 1407749928

thats a good point but do you not need to have tax and mot/itv to get insurance in spain as if so the guardia would be able to check that

Stephen M. Smith 1408968702

It is all very well people commenting on illegal vehicles in Spain. I have been trying for 10 months ( through my gestor ) to change from UK to Spanish plates. Admittedly it is an american pickup but it does have a european certificate of conformity. The latest hurdle is that I am told I have to fit a tachograph though l have seen many of these vehicles on a Spanish website and their pictures show Spanish registration sites. On contacting the sellers they all say that they do not have a tachograph. Does anyone know the law on this or been in the same situation?


bob-346733 1412550448

Had lots of problems when trying to sort out a ex military land rover, 

Tried doing it myself and gave one of the people who specialise in transfers

Its worth it in the end...lot less stress..

Cheers bob.

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