ITV to cover foreign vehicle's return home

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Hi, we have a problem and are having difficulty in getting reliable information. Our vehicle is foriegn-registered (not Spanish) and Iweve lost the windscreen sticker and the road test document we had, but are sure they were out of date. We're trying to find out whether we can take it to the ITV station for a "voluntary test" and that would cover us to drive home. Have rung the Trafico, but may not have understood correctly, or he may not have understood us. Otherwise, do we have to get it taken back on a transporter or what?


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Another question: does the DGT (trafico) have a telephone number or email address to get information in other languages?

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As far as I am aware the ITV can be obtained "voluntarily" on a foreign (non Spanish) registered vehicle without problem, but the important question is if your UK Insurance company covering the vehicle will accept the ITV as a valid statement of roadworthiness, even on a temporary basis. - It would be a disaster if you were to have an accident on your journey back, and your Insurers refused to cover you. The best course of action would be to ring your Insurers and ask them the question directly, then you know where you stand.

As for Trafico, I have struggled to pay my speeding fines on their website in Spanish - I couldn't find any trace of a language change option on their site, or indeed any references to "helplines" in other languages. you may need to ask a competent Spanish speaker to ring them for you.

Hope this is of some help.

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Thanks. That's what we think, but the problem is not only whether our insurance company will accept it, but the police checks in Spain. If it's true that they can impound and destroy a vehicle, even a foreign one, for having no ITV, then it's not worth the risk, but so far we've found that nothing can be relied on here - the laws exxist, but they're never applied when we desperately need them, only when they want to apply them against us! The rule or law must be in writing somewhere on the internet, but even if we follow it to the letter, will they? What a country!

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Yes, definitely illegal and we don't want to do anything so stupid and, if we did have an accident, unfair to others.

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