No Claims (Years and Discount) for Car Insurance

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Hello, I am considering bringing my car from Luxembourg to Alicante and wanted to know when get all the legal ITV re-registering etc done if when I come to insure the vehicle does any previous no claims discount from the UK or Europe get considered? Or do I need to assume that I will be starting from 0 no claims. I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice on this matter from personal experience or friends that have gone through this process. Thanks in advance Kind Regards P  

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tonyman07 1410371350

I have just moved from France to this area and all you need is an attestation/certificate from your current and you can produce this to your new in Spain who should honour it when quoting. I know a good company in Calpe, english chap but totally bi-lingual, very helpful.
let me know if you want his details.

suki1967 1410441500

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the feedback.

That would be great if you could forward the information regarding the company in Calpe and your contact name. 

I hope to move to spain in December and really need to get as much information as possible. I was considering selling my car due to the cost of insurance however if as you say no claims attestation can be used thats perfect. Thanks again.


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