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hi, ive heard of a few people that a good way to get belongings over to spain is to use empty transport lorrys going back & forth to spain anyone got any advice ? contacts etc many thanks

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Does anyone know where there is a driving school that will give the Spanish driver's test - in English? please contact me as soon as possible... as I need a Spanish drivers licence. I am a resident - but my Spanish isn't strong enough to get around the trick questions :)FelicidadKarla

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Does anyone know of someone who could collect two small trees [potted] from a warehouse in Murcia and deliver to Huescar, Granada?

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Can anybody help me re 4x4 cars,we are moving to costa blanca at the end of the year,can you bring a english reg 4x4 car,i have read on a different site that they are not allowing you to do this,i no you can drive the car for 6 months, then have spanish plates put on it at a cost, again i do not no what the sort of cost is involved,we are only brining the car as we have 2 dogs one of which is very old, otherwise i would have brought a spainsh car once arriving.Again how easy is it then to sell a right hand drive or does it loss money very quickly. Mnay thanks for any help nicola

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I have recently been given conflicting advice about whether, now I am resident in Spain, I need to get a Spanish driving licence. Does anyone know the law on this issue? Ava

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I will need space in a van for a large dresser and sofa - around early March. If anyone has space for these items please let me know.Brian

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M Reg Citroen 15 diesel. Collecting info on the correct procedure of scrapping above in Hondon region near Alicante. Anyone done similar? Any tips welcome. jd

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I need some help please! I am moving from Spain to France & am re registering my Spanish car in France. Who do I have to tell in Spain and what documents do I have to return? I don't want them chasing me for the tax in the Spring. I sometimes wake up grumpy.... other times I let him sleep

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does anyone know what license i need to drive a quad in Spain i only have a uk old provisional green paper one, if you know what i should do please as i need to get on, i failed my driving test years ago but don,t want a car so quads or a moped will do

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Ok, where do I start? Have a few q's about cars and driving in spain so bear with me and help if you can, I need all the help I can get!! Me and my boyfriend are moving to Benidorm in April 2007. I am driving (old) english car to Benidorm on 1st April 2007 (ferry from Plymouth to Santander). Decided to this mainly because wanted to bring too much stuff to fly and too expensive to hire a van. Thinking of bringing my old faithful, then maybe ending its life once in spain is prob the cheapest option for us. But how do I do this??? Insurance, tax (due 30/04/07 , MOT (due 11/04/2007)??? How long can I keep using it in Spain for before I have to give it up? One thing I am definitely getting is European breakdown cover (only £30, just in case old faithful don't make it all the way!) Next is regards to learning to drive. My boyfriend is 25 and has now decided he would like to learn to drive. Trying to figure out our best options. His Spanish is very limited so would need an English speaking instructor while learning in Benidorm. Is better to get provisional license in UK before we go? What about theory test, do that first too, or can you do an English one in Spain? Any help or advice anyone can offer will be great THANKS!

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My car is needing ITV soon. Does anyone no if this is a difficult thing to do myself? Gav

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Does anyone know the rule about carrying snow chains. I heard from someone who lives in the north that is is compulsory to carry them in winter. I may be doing a bit of travelling over the Christmas hols and wonder if I need them on aa journey towards Madrid. Gav

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Does anyone know of a good, cheap and reliable company that can do transfer's and and from the airport to a resort in Benidorm for about 12 people?  Thanks.

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I have a Rover 214, 1993 Spanish car and have been looking for windscreen wipers. In the local supermarket they have listings in books in the car accessory section, but I cannot find my car in the listing. As Rover went out of business last year I cannot find a local supplier. Help, it's raining!Ava

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I am finding it really hard learining to drive on the "wrong side"! Are therea ny driving schools on the Costa who speak English and who could give me a few lessons? cyndy

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I know that you have to have a jacket in the car for the driver but do I have to have one for each passenger ? I have one for the wife but none for any passengers I may have. Thanks Tommy

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What is the Spanish equivalent term for an MOT? magda

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I have a reguular car licence. Can I drive a scooter with the same license or do I need a different one altogether? I really can't be bothered to take a load of lessons! saffy

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Hello I am due to drive from my home in France in a couple of weeks to Torrevieja. I am just after a little advice as to the best route. I arrive in Spain Near San Sebastian from France. Is it best to go: 1) Down towards Zaragoza, Teruel, Valencia and down to Torrevieja 2) From san Sebastian to Burgos, Madrid, Murcia then Torrevieja or finally 3) Across in France towards the Eastern side and just drive all the way down the A7 past Barcelona, Valencia, etc I am just after the fastest route as I will be driving during the night so I am not too bothered about scenery or tolls, etc Thanks in anticipation Regards Andy

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Would any one be interested in driving a car back to France for me as I have one that is not worth re registering here, before end of June if possible. Thanks.

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