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I brought 3 motorbikes over from the UK and have found it near impossible to get them insured? Because they are British registered the few quotes i have managed to get are astronomical!! i had all 3 insured for around £400 in UK!! If i'd known it was going to be this difficult i would have sold them! I thought Spanish loved bikes? Anyone got any ideas?? 

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Hi everyone what is the price for a litre of normal unleaded in Spain at the moment, also what is the price of a litre of diesel, need to start thinking about whether to buy petrol or diesel when we move over.

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Hello Everyone, We are moving to the Jalon Valley this year and wish to purchase a LHD car. Could anyone advise please- would it be better to buy the vehicle in the UK or wait until our arrival in Spain.  There are a few car companies here in the UK that do specialize in LHD vehicles. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Brian & Jackie

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ive been told petrol is going up next week.  is this right?  i filled up my motor in case postamble();

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I'm looking for someone who is driving back to England. I would pay half the petrol costs and in exchange I would need to take up some of your boot space with my stuff. Get back to me magda

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