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Hi - just wondered if anyone can help with a contact ho could take us from Benidorm to Los Alcazares in July 2014?  Its just 2 of us and not certain of the exact date yet - I have done the journey a few times but have lost all my contact names/numbers.  I know there is a decent bus service but would prefer to travel by car this time.  Thanks in advance. 

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Hola, I have a Mercedes- benz camper with a 48kw 2,4  diesel engine [65hp].  I am told that road tax is based on the vehicles horse power in Spain, so how much would I need to pay for my wee camper? Dave.    

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We had an annoying and highly frustrating experience recently.  We live in Jersey, but have a holiday home in Calpe and had driven down for ten days in the sun.  Now, Jersey is not in Europe, and, perhaps weirdly, has no requirement for a yearly MOT.  Thus, our car meets the legal requirements of Jersey. We were stopped by the police and fined 100e for not having a test certificate.  I was called a liar when I tried to explain my home countries law, and told that any appeal should be made at the Traffico HQ in Alicante.  We took a day from our holiday to do this, the eventual outcome of which was that 'if you hear nothing within 3 months, email this address'.   What a nonsense!  Ferries ply several times daily between the Channel Islands, France and England. I am unaware of any police road block traps to landing J plated cars in either country, so how can my Spanish experience be a legal act on their part?  Does this mean that Jersey drivers should produce a test document, from a source that does not exist, before they drive aboard their holiday ferry? I would very much appreciate others comments or experience of this.  I will not be letting this go by without resolution.  Is this the sort of thing for the MEPs in Brussels, Spanish Tourist Office?  

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Hi, I have a UK vehicle which I have matriculated whilst living in France to French plates (my third such experience). We are to move to Spain to live and I wish to keep this current  vehicle.   I have read the system of matriculation and all it's requirements, it is almost identical to France - I would like to hear from anyone who has personally done the process in Spain, by that I don't mean using an intermediary but done all the various facets of the registration themselves. I'm sure many of you have heard a thousand different bits of advice concerning this issue from many people who profess to know the system, same in France - but the reality can be vastly different from what one reads. I would like to give it a go myself - bit of a masochist.  Thank you.

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We will be moving to Spain soon and have been looking at various websites in order to buy a car. One web site we have found is ooyyo where the cars are extremely cheap. Is this site just full of scammers or are vehicles really this cheap, Any advice would be welcome

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Hi everyone, I am moving to Benidorm in January of 2014. We have decided to drive over this way we have a car when there. Can you tell me if I need different insurance while there or do I just wait until my current insurance runs out. Also do I need to change it to Spanish plates. Any info would be greatly appreciated.    Thank you hope all is well!

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I have recently bought a Spanish registered car in the UK which I intend to drive to Spain in September and leave it at my villa, for use when I stay out there. Does anyone know of an insurer who will give me cover to drive this over there???

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Is there any stipulation in Spain about medical checks to hold a valid driving licence after age 80?

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I am researching the requirements on how to get a driver's license, renew or replace on in Spain. If you were born there and you are getting your license, what are the requirements? Are the requirements the same in all of Spain or does each Province have different requirements?

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anyone know of a place where alloys can be brought back to "as new" condition??   i mean a proper refurb not just a spit and polish.

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Good morning we are moving from France to Javea on or around the 8th of April.  I am 68 years of age and admit to being petrified not of Spain but the route from the north down.  Reason stopped between Barcelona and Valencia last October and robbed. We cross from Biarittz and would truly welcome suggested routes from there to Javea.  We are also coming with our dogs. I do hope I am not over-playing things but years ago would have stood my ground but now being 68 and with the security of my wife and animals paramount perhaps things are different. Any thoughts what we should do please any guidance and tips.  Thought like the Wild West to employ someone (seriously) to ride shotgun down from the border but then again what does one know about the shotground guy or gal! I am finding that as I get older I am beginning to get risk averse!  Sorry

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Could someone please help me, I am now very confused.  I don't live in Spain but have a holiday home there and visit quite regularly. I am in the process of purchasing a scooter to get around on while I am in Spain. Do I need an NIE number for any reason at all to do this? I would be so grateful is someone could help me understand as I have been given so much conflicting advice from people.  Thank you if you can help

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Do you need a residencia to apply for a Spanish driving licence? Cheers eaglet

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Contact details are required for any scooter clubs, of any nationality.  I live in Ayora so any in easy travelling distance from Ayora would be better. (North West from Alicante/South West from Valencia).  Both about one hour.  I have a friend coming to the Denia area in June who would also be interested in attending any events in the area.  

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Can anyone tell me please how I find out if points have been added to my Spanish driving licence as I believe it is possible for points to be added without the licence holder's knowklege.  Do I have to log into the Trafico site and if so how do I do this, eg what info do they need?  Thanks.

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We are moving to Javea in April and last October almost got caught up between Barcelona and Valencia by two beefy guys in a black Mercedes who were trying to get us to stop.  We carried on. But it was destressing . Then we saw the results of their actions a bit later in the piece. On the way back used Zaragoza/Pamplona but there was nothing but miles and miles of nothing on that road and then we were faced with the Pyrenees and then back to Bretagne. Do understand that crime is not limited to Spain and it happens quite a lot in France but not so much in rural Brittany! It certainly happens in the UK. Years ago I would not have worried but now with advancing years and with my wife with me I am  concerned.  Anyone have any thoughts or advice please. Am I over-reacting?      

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Two times this summer our visitors opted to hire a car rather than us pick them up. One used Hertz, not sure on other but both times the policy was .... fueltank is full, we charge you for it, you bring it back empty...  no other alternatives and no refund on fuel returned. . This is fine if you are staying a while and intend to do enough mileage to use a tank full but a rip-off if you dont do the mileage and take it back half full. Does anyone know of any Alicante airport rentals that operate differently or is this normal ?

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We plan a trip to Barcelona and Costa Brava in March. Traveling from a village near Torrevieja Does anybody know if there is a toll-free way? N-332 would be very inconvenient for a 6-7 hour drive. AP-7 would cost a lot of money. Are there ny other roads? The Tom-Tom might suggest strange routes. Is it worth to by a road atlas like in good old days? Maybe somebody knows the best way to get there even if it is a bit longer, and not to spend a fortune on the tolls?

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can anyone tell me how i go about changing my address on my vehicle and spanish driving licence please?ive just moved from alican t to near torrevieja.

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Has anyone had any dealings with the (what looks like) the car breakers yard on the main Benijofar to Torravejila road, if so any feedback would be welcome ?

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