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A friend has just told me about an article that he has read in a newspaper saying that the Police are checking English reg cars and you have to prove (dont know how) that you are on holiday here and not a resident, has anyone heard about this? Barney.

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I wonder please if someone can help? It is years and years since I have been to Spain and last time Malaga then dare I say it Torremolinos and where he hired a car. We are now coming from the Vendee to Spain and just taking it easy for two stop overs on the way down. Is it better please to take the northern route say Pamplona direction or to take the coast road down through Barcelona that way? really would appreciate some guidance. Via Michelin says one thing our GPS another! best wishes

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i have a uk photocard license and i have been told that i need to change it to a spainish one however i have tried to look this up but there is nothing definate to help me out. i live here and have a social but not residencia. also my husband has a old paper lisence does this need reneewing anyway to a photocard one and is it legal to drive on this in spain. could you give me a link as to where i can get this info. i read it in the euroweekly a few years ago but cant remeber exactly what was said.

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This information may help any expats who might be tempted to buy/drive a non-taxed/non-MOT'd UK registered vehicle here.It is true that people used to get away with driving untaxed, un-MOT'd UK reg'd cars/motorbikes here for years, unless they actually had a serious accident and then were prosecuted/had to pay third party damages themselves when their insurer refused to pay out. But we should all help to let anyone who doesn't already know that there has however been a MASSIVE crackdown in the past 18 months, and that crackdown is gathering even more pace now in 2012. The crackdown on these illegal vehicles has been driven by several factors: The Guardia Civil (of which Trafico is a part) was told by the Spanish Govt that it must become self-financing or face BIG redundancies as part of Spain's austerity programme. Also Spanish people have been complaining for years to the Police/Guardia that foreigners are getting away with flouting the traffic/parking and speeding etc laws that they have to obey. There has in 2011 been a new national computer system introduced by the Guardia, which all officers can access instantly, which records all previous stop/check/speeding camera etc information, by vehicle registration. It also links to the Spanish Insurance records database to flag up any vehicle which shows as uninsured (this is the same system that you can now see ITV stations here now using when you go to ITV your Spanish registered car...they check to see if it is insured before doing ITV/stamping your Ficha Tecnica). Trafico Officers have now been given training/info on what a UK reg'd vehicle should have....current road fund licence showing, and current UK MOT (note: NOT a Spanish ITV, as that it totally irrelevant to a UK reg'd vehicle). Most of them cannot read English well so will still get lost in English-language insurance papers, but they, like anyone else, can easily read the expiry date on a UK MOT certificate and Tax Disc! The Police/Courts and Trafico have also faced criticism from many accident victims from such illegal vehicles....because if the car isn't legal in it's home country (tax disc, MOT) then it's illegal to drive it anywhere else too...and thus any insurance that the drivers thinks he may have on it is invalidated by his fraudulent actions, so his insurance refuses to pay out to third parties of the accident....thus victims get buggerall, as once he's been bankrupted (and possibly jailed) to pay whatever the courts can get off him, the victims are still maimed etc without any further recompense. This really has caused a lot of flak in the Spanish legal system/press. Also, the size of the fines for breaking road traffic laws, including using an illegal car/bike on Spanish roads have absolutely rocketted....which helps the Spanish economy of course. All these changes mean that anyone still running around in an old, untaxed and Un-MOT'd UK reg'd vehicle is now very very likely to be flagged down in a stop-and-check Trafico checkpoint, and MUCH more likely to have their illegality discovered, and thus the vehicle be seized and driver arrested; and much more likely to pay a BIG fine (a couple of thousand euros; or much much more...including possible prison sentence, if you are responsible for an accident) in criminal court here, plus the costs of your illegal vehicle being crushed. There's now even more fun ahead too, if anyone ever tries to take one of these un-taxed and un-MOT'd vehicles back into the UK now. The ferry operators and Chunnel Company are now obliged to send through ahead, a manifest of all vehicle registrations they are carrying on that trip to UK Border Agency. The Agency now is linked by computer to the DVLA database (which now holds MOT records as well as Tax disc, ownership/registered address/ Sorn etc info, and also to the UK "MID" database of vehicle insurances. You will get pulled over as soon as you land if the records show that such a vehicle was fraudulently declared to be "SORN"ed at a UK address, or hasn't got current tax or MOT. The driver gets arrested and charged, the vehicle is now seized. You have to make own way home, and make own arrangements to collect belongings from impounded car. Then heavily fined in criminal court, plus pay for car to be crushed, then have criminal record, and face massive increases in any future insurance quotes as you are on record as having committed an insurance fraud. Some people really do not think about the consequences; they still seem to think that the only laws that apply to them in Spain are the ones that they want to, with no effect on them or all the other people they are endangering or swindling. And it is at them and their illegal vehicles that this massive crackdown by the Spanish Authorities is being directed. For all the rest of us who drive legally, obey the laws of our country, and don't want to be crashed into/injured by such illegal, un-insured drivers, this big crackdown is very welcome and long overdue.

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I hope to move to Valencia soon & hope to take my Minibus with me - Has anyone got experience of importing a minibus into Spain ?. Jim

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Can anyone tell me , is it an automatic failure for a ITV test if your windscreen has a small crack in it ? Also , if I make a claim on my car insurance , would my no claims bonus (not that the price ever comes down) be lost ? I'd be interested in anyone's past experiance in this matter Salute , BJ

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Hi, we have a problem and are having difficulty in getting reliable information. Our vehicle is foriegn-registered (not Spanish) and Iweve lost the windscreen sticker and the road test document we had, but are sure they were out of date. We're trying to find out whether we can take it to the ITV station for a "voluntary test" and that would cover us to drive home. Have rung the Trafico, but may not have understood correctly, or he may not have understood us. Otherwise, do we have to get it taken back on a transporter or what?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a reliaable transsporter to take a camper (not huge) and small trailer to France? It's urgent. Thank you in advance.

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Press release: Watch out on the AP7 – Consulate in Alicante warns of motorway robberies 23rd July 2012 British holidaymakers taking their cars to Spain this summer are being warned of the threat from motorway thieves who rob foreign-registered vehicles and hire cars of their possessions, passports and money. British-registered cars using motorways in Spain are proving an easy target for gangs who use a wide variety of scams to distract unsuspecting holidaymakers and then steal their bags and belongings from their vehicles. The worst blackspot is the AP7 motorway between the French border and the Alicante region in southern Spain. More than 60 cases of robbery on this motorway were reported to the British Consulate in Alicante last year, and so far this year the number of reported cases is increasing. It is believed that there are hundreds more cases of thieves using distraction scams to rob British motorists across Spain that go unreported to Foreign Office staff because victims generally only contact a British Consulate if their passport has been taken. Foreign motorists are tricked by loud bangs, apparent accidents or vehicle problems, supposedly punctured tyres and pretend requests for help in motorway service areas. “We are warning drivers of UK-registered cars and hire cars to be on the alert on motorways in Spain, both while driving and taking a break”, says Paul Rodwell, British Consul in Alicante. “We also hope that Brits living in Spain will help us to get the message out to any friends and family who may drive to Spain this summer for visits. “The most important thing is to on your guard against anyone who attempts to stop you or ask you for help – they may well be part of a gang operating a scam in which an unseen accomplice will rob you of your things.” The Consulates in Barcelona and Alicante have jointly designed a leaflet called Driving safely and avoiding roadside scams in Spain that can be downloaded from UKinSpain travel advice webpage. It provides useful advice that will help drivers to plan their journeys, stay safe and avoid common problems. Stephen and Helen Robinson from Leicestershire were between Barcelona and Valencia when they stopped at a service area to exercise their dog. Both were at the boot of the car when they were distracted by a man apparently on the phone, asking them how to say something in English. Meanwhile their bag was taken from the front, despite the dog being inside. “It was quick and slick”, says Mrs Robinson. “Remember that on the second day of driving down from the UK, you may be more tired and therefore more vulnerable. Separate your valuables into different places in the car, and when you stop be aware you may be being watched. You won’t see the accomplice of the person who is distracting you.” In another robbery, Joy and Alan Horton from Suffolk were aware of a vehicle close to them on the motorway, then heard a loud bang and pulled over. The other car stopped in front of them and while the driver talked animatedly to them, his passenger accomplice grabbed their belongings unseen. “Keep all jackets, bags and valuables in a locked boot and not on the back seat where they can be seen”, says Mr Horton. “If you think your car may have been in a collision and you pull over, lock the car as soon as you get out and mount a guard on both sides of the vehicle.” Victims of crime should report the incident to the police. Britons can also go to the UKinSpain website for advice if you are a victim of crime, or contact the local British Consulate via 902 109 356 for an emergency travel document or other assistance.

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We moved to Spain from France a couple of years ago and bought a used but very good condition trailer in France to carry some of our personal things here. Now thinking of selling it but am told we need some documentation. It is a standard non-braked two wheel trailer with a carrying capacity of up to 750Kgs. Can anyone tell me what documentation is neccessary for small trailers here and how to obtain it.

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We recently arrived in spain with our caravan knowing we would need to have it ITVtested to legalise it . However we have been told this is not possible as uk van door on nearside - anybody know the answer ,is this problem ?

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Hi All, I am trying to locate a tyre company called FAST-FIT-TYRES .COM run by Martin +Kim from Gran Alacant, Santa Polo. The phone numbers are no longer in use and the email address is invalid now.I want to purchase a LINGLONG L688,255/35 R20974XLBSW tyre. I purchased 4 last year and 1 needs replacing as soon as possible.If anyone knows anything about this company or in fact if I can get that tyre anywhere else I would appreciate any info please. Thank you.

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Has anyone had problems with their car between 24th May and 12th June after filling up with diesel at either Torrevieja or San Juan Carrefour?

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after nearly a year i have finally got my spanish driving licence, no fault of the spanish authority but the d.v.l.a. not responding to the 5 letters they were written requesting confermation of my uk driving licence.

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Does anyone know of a company who import cars to Spain and also deal with all the legal issues ie. customs, number plates etc as we are thinking of purchase a new vehicle abroad ie. Belguim or UK to bring to Spain as we have heard that vehicle in Spain are very expensive.

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Hi, does anyone have a rough idea of the total cost to put a 1994 merc sl280 onto spanish plates Cheers.

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Just heard of the second person in our village being stopped in one of the guardia road blocks and fined 150€ for not having changed their British Driving license to a European or Spanish one because they are resident in Spain. Can someone please tell me if this is correct, as I dont want to fall foul of the law and have to pay out that much money. I live here in Spain and have a busines here but also still have a business and a house in the UK. I am registered with the tax office and pay into the system, but have not heard I have to change my license before. If someone know please tell me. I know lots of things are changing like NIE´s now only last 3 months and then you should apply for a residencia if you intend to stay longer than 108 days. But did not know about new driving license rules.

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can anyone tell me the telephone number for the driving licence office in alicante please

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Hi / Hola amigos, Can anybody recommend a reasonable Spanish Clutch supplier for Citroen in Spain. I´m looking to prurchase a new clutch for a 2005 Citreon Berlingo 2 ltr Diesel HDi SX PLUS Unfortunatley I´ve recently moved to Valencia and so I can´t get the car back to Javea to have it replaced and there quoting me 500-600 euros here!!! Many thanks in advance for any info. Martin

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who can you recommend for car inurance, i am paying far more in spain,for a kangoo,7 yrs old than i am in u.k for an a4 3yrs old. i am currently with linea directa.

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