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Hi, anyone know the procedure or if there are any complications regarding selling a second hand Spanish registered car currently in Spain, to a French buyer who would take the car back to France? Many thanks!

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My vehicle has been parked legally in Los Narejos for several months, it has all relevant documents, ins ITV etc. A yellow abandoned sticker has been placed on vehicle. I'm in Wales (as you may have guessed). How do I resolve this issue? What does the sticker really mean?

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looking for seller of preferably box trailers thanks

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Hi normally we fly from Reus leaving car parked for several weeks no problem. Can anyone who has used Victoria Parking Valencia tell me if they were reliable and safe as they seem to be the cheapest. Thanks.

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Any information on this issue will be much appreciated. I have family arriving next week and I need an extra car to get about . I have tried several of the local car hire companies and there are lots of options and mostly very cheap but big problem is I don't have a credit card and none of the hire companies on line accept cash or debit card. Does anyone know if I can hire a car from Murcia Airport or anywhere in the area without a credit card .I have a full licence and have insurance cover on our own car but as said earlier we will need two cars and I will be main driver on hire car. Thanks.

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can anyone tell me why the cost of diesel is going up nearly every day and the cost of petrol is comming down? its the first time in spain ive ever know diesel to be more expensive than petrol.

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Does anybody know where the nearest Hyundai garage is to Rojales /Formentera area ? this is for servicing etc thanks

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Does anyone have experience with a company called AVRGRUP who are advertising secondhand cars in San Pedro del Pinatar?They are apparently located in front of the Repsol garage, near Lidl.I am interested in a car they have for sale but they don't seem to exist on Street View- it's a long way to travel on a wild goose chase.....

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Can anyone tell me where to get a quad ITV in Javea? Thanks

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Help!. If we bring a UK reg car to Spain when we move there in a months time, what do we have to do to be able to drive it legally? Can anyone help with info please?

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I have been paying Suma for a car my daughter had 18 years ago. We sold it to a Spaniard about two years later but we did not do a sale contract. He did not put it into his name and I have been paying for the car every year ever since. I have tried contacting a gestor but I only have copies of the papers for the car and he needs the originals. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can stop paying every year.

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Is this true, do car tyres have such a thing? Never heard of it must admit but someone we know is adamant that car tyres must be changed after 4 years and that they have a date of manufacture on them. He also says you would not get an ITV if they are out of date. After 8 years of owning a car here we have never ever heard of this or had a problem. Can anyone shed any light on this please

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Hi Everyone, The Aircon on my car is playing up and needs a conversion kit fitting and re-gas,does anyone know of a good English speaking Garage within striking distance of Oliva that is open during August that could do the work. Cheers, Colin.

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Can anyone please give me a definitive answer about getting my windows tinted as sometimes carry equipment in the back of my jeep which needs shade and a bit of security too. My ITV is due next month and I dont want to get it fitted then have to remove it or fail the inspection. Thanks

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Google Maps can now provide live traffic info for 13 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. The service has been available in the US and UK for some time The live traffic info is updated every five to 10 minutes. The feature is also available on mobile devices with Google Maps: click here.

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Has anyone here been asked for a health certificate when stopped by the police, I hear you should have one.

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Hello does anyone have any info on cheap car hire for a month in the Denia area dates would be for the month of October.Thanks in advance for any info provided

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Hi, can anyone tell me what the procedure is to change a UK reg moped to Spanish plates please?

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Hi, I read somewhere, can't remember where that you can check on the Direccion General de Trafico site to see if you have any speeding fines against your vehicle, does anyone know how to check on line?

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