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Hi, Please can anyone help me with a problem. We have 2 cars we have lived in France for 4 years and are moving to Spain in 2 weeks time to start a new life. We will be driving down from the Dordogne and just need to know that we are legal to enter into Spain We bought our cars in the Uk and they have UK plates and MOT's but as we have been living in France there is no TAX on them as you don't need TAX in France if you have French insurance, they both have French Insurance on them which we will be keeping until we can get Spanish insurance when we get there. The question I am asking is are we ok to drive into Spain with no TAX on the vehicles? I look forward to any help you can give

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Hola Is it true what I've heard that the Spanish police can stop and fine you for wearing back-less shoes? What other strange offences are there?

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I have a road legal Quad could anyone tell me if I need an MOT for it in Spain I am moving to Spain from France and we don't have MOT's for Quads or Motorbikes here Thanks for your help

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Diesel estate for sale €750 ono RHD, Uk plates, Manual, 5 door, electric windows and AC.Excellent runner, powerful car, recently serviced, voluntary ITV, 4 new wheels with full service history. Car has done a few miles, but we've never had any problems and has many more miles left in it. Perfect for work, moving or returning to the Uk. We're only selling it as we need a Spanish LHD as to remain in Spain.Would consider an exchange with Spanish car. Contact me if you're interested.

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Can anyone let me know the documents etc needed to register a lhd French car in spain please? Thanks

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Hi Everyone, In April this year i am coming over to Spain via the ferry to Santander and driving across Spain to the Costa Blanca and would like to sell the car and return home via Valencia Airport,does anyone want to buy the car? I dont know what car i am coming in yet but it will be fully uk legal,and comfortable with aircon......or does anyone want a particular sort of car? i dont know what type of car sells best on the costa....any ideas Thanks guys, Olivaman.

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I have been told that when selling a car in Spain the vendor is responsible for the engine and gearbox for the first six months, Is this correct

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Does anyone know if there are any building/roadworks on the Ave Armada Espanola (Poniente Prom). I saw a satalite photo recently showing alterations being done to the prom, but don't know how old it is. We are going there this year and would like to know if its going to be noisy or disruptive. Many thanks.

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Hi all, Can anyone please advise on how expensive taxis are in Alicante and roughly how much a taxi/mini bus would cost from Alicante airport to Moraira? Or if anyone has a mini bus service they could quote for? Thanks in advance

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Anyone know where i could get an extended warranty for a two year old Suzuki I'm thinking of buying? As I'd have to finance it for 3 years I would prefer some peace of mind. many thanks for any help here!

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Can anyone suggest a good taxi service where six seater vehicles are available. We need one from Moraira to Benidorm (return trip) for the show at the palace. Thanks for any info.

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Can anyone recommend a reliable (and reasonably priced) transfer service between Alicante airport and Torrevieja as my usual driver is no longer available. I make several trips a year, the next in December.

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can anyone shed a light on the new laws that are comming in regarding driving and traffic? thanks

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Can anyone reccommend a good place to park in Cartagena, central for walking...and preferably free.

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Hi everyone.I wondered if anyone could recommend either a private parking company or cost of normal car parking at Valencia Airport for 5 days.Normally fly from Alicante but not this trip .

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I need to get hold of a Car battery charger & am new to the area. Any ideas (Javea, Denia, Ondara, etc) ?

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Can anyone recommend a good car insurance company please? Evie.

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Does anyone know of an insurance company that does short-term insurance i.e a week or a month at a time? Thanks.

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I am renovating a villa recently purchased. Could anybody recommend an old car rental company (rent-a-wrecks, as we call them in Canada) as I will carrying a lot of stuff back & forth

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Has anyone used the firm "lowcostparking" at Alicante airport, or perhaps can recommend reliable firms for parking there. Thanks

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