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im thinking of buying a spanish reg van,is there a hpi check in spain that i can do on it cheers pat

started by: joo-590097 · last update: 1284574415 · posted: 1284572480

Can anyone tell me if they know how often a small van, year 2005 needs to be itv,d. I have just bought this van and the car sales person said it is every 6 months. Can anyone confirm this please.

started by: Marko-591402 · last update: 1284561469 · posted: 1284485845

I'm bringing the family on a two week holiday to Denia and need to hire a car from the airport. Can anyone here recommend a reliable, inexpensive company to go with? Thanks.

started by: amanda doyle · last update: 1284022789 · posted: 1284022789

Does anyone know a reputable taxi service in los montesinos/surrounding area? I need one to take me to torrievieja on occasions.

started by: niceNeasy-591079 · last update: 1283787934 · posted: 1283687180

We are looking for recommendations for parking our car at Alicante airport, cna anyone recommend a good off-site parking service. ECS seem cheap but they are only for San Javier airport.

started by: MichelleR1 · last update: 1282329600 · posted: 1282308521

There's a new system to detect (and catch, and fine...) speeding motorists who are driving foreign-registered vehicles. Full details on AngloINFO's updated INFOrmation Page on Driving in Spain

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How do i register and change a french car in spain please ? steve stevem.renovations@hotmail.fr

started by: Fabfincas · last update: 1281617122 · posted: 1281459433

Could anyone tell me the procedure for scrapping cars in Spain. I have 2 English registered bangers that are beyond repair. How does scrapping them work here? Do the scrapyards give you any money for scrapping them or do they charge for taking them away or will they take them away for nothing. I'm near Elda so any info with local knowlege of the scrapyards around here would be great.Many thanks.Steve

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Have the toll prices just gone up for the summer or is this a permanent increase? I paid €1.75 per toll in June but this morning it was €3.20, that's a big jump!

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Has anyone ever seen this scenario? I was going to purchase a car that I've put a deposit on today. On closer inspection of the paperwork, the car was an October 2003 rather than a 2005 model as I was first led to believe.I asked the dealer if it had been ITV'd. They said that it had just had its first one yesterday(!) which was confirmed when I saw the Ficha Tecnica.I asked to see the service book and I received a faxed copy from their lawyer. It has had regular services every 10-18K since 2006.It was traded-in for another car 22 days before the ITV was due and has been owned by another large, chain dealership ever since. From March 2007 to July 2010 (including another service on a date that I can't make out yet at 45K) it has gone from 27K to 55K.As the car has had no previous ITV before yesterday, how on earth is this possible? How have the owners/dealership driven it around without having to ITV it since 10/2007 and probably about 25,000kms? Grateful for any input - thinking caps on!

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Is there anybody Hondon or Albatera who speaks Spanish & will take your vehicle through an ITV for you?

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Hi I am new to Javea 1 week only. I was parked in Iceland and when I got back to my car it had been scratched & its my dads who lives in Blighty. I was told yesterday that there's a bloke around here called Ian and i think they said his surname was Hanney? who repairs scratched cars and was very good and responsibly cheap. My dad gets here on the 30th to drive his car home so its urgent. If you have a number or address so i could contact him could you let me have it please.

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Can anyone recommend a specialist mobile car dent remover operating near the Moriara/Benissa area please. Thanks for any leads.

started by: stejay20 · last update: 1279377724 · posted: 1279363610

Wanted - does anybody know of a car transporter company or person with a trailer to transport a car from Marbella to the Benidorm area. Thanks

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I need a Hire Car for 2 weeks from 18 August. On line in the UK the Internet shows adverts "From" £8 Per Day, but when you try and book its over £30 per day. Are there any small Car hire Firms that anyone can recommend. Preferably at Alicante Airport.

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Overheard some people discussing this in a bar the other day and wondered if anyone could give the correct answer- who gets fined if passengers are found not to be wearing seatbelts- the driver or the passenger or both?

started by: jscpch-588500 · last update: 1276588732 · posted: 1275843894

Can anyone please suggest or recommend a good UK or Spanish insurance company which offers cover here in Spain for a car with UK registration. Thanks

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I am researching van hire and wondered if anyone could recommend a company that offers this service at a good price. Based in Rojales would consider pick up in other places nearby.

started by: stejay20 · last update: 1275844889 · posted: 1275844889

Does anyone know of a company or person who do trips to Valencia Airport. We live in Relleu, 20 mins inland from Villa Joyosa and what cost is this for 2 people Saturday morning 12th June. Thanks..Jayne

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does anyone know of any restrictions that would stop me getting one apart from insurance

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