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Hi I want to sell a Spanish registered scooter which is in my name. I want to know what paperwork is involved, whose responsibility is it usually to bear the cost of doing the paperwork (buyer or seller), and do I have to be physically present to sign the paperwork or can my husband do it for me if I am out of the country. Thank you!

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Im having a bit of a nightmare re my recent failure of my car of the itv at the redovan alicante itv station it failed only because the airbag warning light didnt go out after initial starting of the car a bmw and an apparent common fault on them im told ? This was on the 17th Mar they marked it as an infeccion grave ? and I believed I had 60 days to rectify it and return to the same ITV station however due to family problems and volcanic ash etc I was stuck in england longer than I expected and only managed to take it to BMW at Murcia this Monday 4th of May by the Friday I had to come back to the UK and hence I was unable to collect the vehicle as it had not been repaired there was snow in Madrid on Tuesday and the part was delayed however when it did arrive it was the wrong part and also was faulty anyway !! A new airbag will hopefully be fitted next week the garage much apoligies given will then fit it and they have agreed my neighbour can collect the vehicle for me the big question is do I have to take it back to the original ITV station or as it will be past the 60 days or can I take it to any ITV station their is one right next door to the garage it is stuck in !! I presume the neighbour must take it the day he collects it which is the 25th of May unfortunately it cannot be collected b4 then. This is a new ITV law brought in this year all warning lights must go out after the initial engine start up any that stay on is an instant failure please beware my car passed 2 years ago on its initial change to spanish plates and passed fine with the same problem !!

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I read a letter in one of the local papers this week (E.W.N) in which the correspondent claimed that "you can tax any motor vehicle at your local town hall - foreign plated as well as Spanish " The same person also stated "you can have any vehicle inspected at the local testing stations but instead of the sticker you will get an inspection report" Can anyone please confirm or authoritively refute either of these comments? Thanks in advance for any useful advice. Yes, I do have a UK reg. car and yes, I believe that when it has been here for more than six months it should be registered here but others advise that if the owner is here for less than six months then the car does not have to be registered here! I know a UK Police Chief Superintendant who is firmly of this opinion and he retains his UK reg. car here with a local ITV as he is only here for 4/5 months each year. There is so much confusing and conflicting advice available and some of the advice I have read sometimes seems to be biased towards that person's business interests rather than fact!!

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Hi a small tip from a mechanic to get your headlights back to A1. Wash your headlamps then Dry them. Then you can now start rubbing it with a good rubbing compound (such as 3-M).or T CUT Rub in a circular motion for a few Min's then wipe off the compound.Buff the headlamps using a dry cotton cloth. (You may have to repeat this process one to three times if the lamps was badly fogged.)TipIt's best to do this task in the shade, not in direct sunlight.Be sure to buff off all the rubbing compound .. yes it works and no harm to the lamps.

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I have just been quoted €35 for a week at Alicante, I thought that was reasonable. They are only a minute away from the departures so sounds good so far. They are called Royal Parking and they speak English. Telephone 616 040 832.

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There's a coach leaving Alicante tomorrow (Wednesday 21st - 10am) going to Calais. 250 euros The coach will arrive at the Calais Ferry Terminal at 10am Thrsday 22nd. Taxi Prices: taxi for 6 to Calais / Cherbourg 1800 eurostaxi for 8 to Calais / Cherbourg 2000 eurostaxi for 6 to Bilbao 860 eurostaxi for 8 to Bilbao 1000 eurostaxi for 6 to Santander 960 euros.taxi for 8 to Santander 1120 euros.taxi for 4 to Paris 1200 euros.taxi for 6 to Paris 1500 euros.taxi for 8 to Paris 1800 euros. TEL: 24 Hour Customer Services - In English: (0034) 966 196 609 / (0034) 610 611 619 EMAIL: info@Costa-Blanca-Transfers.com WEBSITE: www.Costa-Blanca-Transfers.com SKYPE: Costa-Blanca-Transfers.com

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Would you consider a passenger? who will share fuel costs Does anyone know of a minibus or coach going back to Uk soon that isn't going around all the towns of Spain?? Contact jilltyler3@gmail.com

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Anyone running a minibus , car service to uk in light of the current crisis?

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Just a bit fed up tonight!!! Been here (Moraira) since November with a UK registered car and faithfully paid all the parking fees - which is only fair. Went into town at 19hrs30 and didn't feed the meter because the parking charges end at 18hrs30. No idea that the times had changed on the 1st April to 21hrs30 and got a 40euro fine. The time info on the meters is in such small print that I didn't notice any change. Have I missed some prominent notices somewhere? If you are a stranger in town like me - beware!

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Because of the problems with flites, I have found myself stuck in the UK. However, I may have a car to drive down from Windsor area to Alicante. Are there others interested in a lift and share costs?? Come back to me here or on inr1902@hotmail.com

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Hi all,I'm currently living in France, I'm looking at buying a car and depending on prices may be new or second hand. Is it worth my while looking in Spain? Prices in France are astronomical! Anty comments greatly appreciated.Cheers Nathan

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Can anyone tell me are there car auctions in Spain namely in the Costa Blanca region, or does anyone have a Citroen C3 new model for sale.

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does anyone know of anyone who either buys scrap cars or picks them up

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Can anyone give me the name of a recovery company, (or somebody with a car trailer) who will not want to charge 100 euros to move a car 6 Kms?. Private individual with a trailer wanting a bit of extra cash maybe?

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HI, anyone no of a good priced car insurance company, and can you use your uk no claims bonus or do you have to start from scatch regards tim

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If we are in possession of a UK driving licence do we have to get a medical certificate? I have heard conflicting advice with some even saying that my insurance would be invalid in the case of a crash.Advice please. And where do I go for one of these stupid tests that by all accounts it seems impossible to fail?

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We have had a house on the Costa for almost 10 years & use it as often as possible for holidays ( both work in the UK). We love the place and, so far, have put up with all the rising costs involved. However, Iam utterly staggered by the steep increase in car hire prices- we will be needing a car for 3 wks this summer and the cheapest quote (most basic model of car) is over £800!!!!! And yes, we have tried carjet, numerous other sites & local firms in our town, Moraira. Are these companies trying to kill off the tourist industry completely??? Great idea in the current economic situation!! We simply cannot afford to pay this amount & are looking to buy a reliable 2nd hand car instead that we can leave at the airport. Can anyone recommend somewhere to look for a car in the northern Costa or any further advice on this topic welcome. Thanks folks!

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Has anyone here any experience of downloading/uploading maps on to a Tomtom GPS any advice

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I've got to drive from Moraira to the UK in early March.Normally I would head up the coast past Barcelona to Perpignan and take the A75 over the Millau Bridge to Clermont Ferrand and Paris.However, I did this trip early last year during the big storm and got stuck in a major snowstorm when passing the Pyrenees.I'd rather not risk that again. Is there anyone who can recommend a route that isn't so susceptible to poor weather?

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Anyone know about learning to drive (or re-learning) - getting a test (I never see any L-plates which does not look good)?Any qualified driving instuctor with nothing to do :-) ?Marie

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