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Any good concerts on in Alicante over the Summer? laura

started by: rob-580620 · last update: 1152868626 · posted: 1152868626

Are there any good night clubs on the beach anyone can recommend? I have always wanted to go to one. rob

started by: Cyndy-580579 · last update: 1152629043 · posted: 1152546018

I heard from a friend that there is a music festival at the end of the month with the Red hot chilli peppers amongst other artists. Is it true? And if so where will it be? cyndy

started by: Magda-580585 · last update: 1151918443 · posted: 1150968896

My best friend is getting married and as chief bridesmaid I am in charge of sorting out the hen night. I don't want anything raunchy, just some good, original ideas for a hen night she won't forget. We live close to Javea but obviosly we are willing to move for the hen night if needs be. magda

started by: Lindz-580588 · last update: 1151577016 · posted: 1145529612

Hello! I would love to take my niece to the Terra Mitica themepark in Benidorm because it is supposed to be educational and fun at the same time....has anyone been? And what did you make of it? Lindz

started by: Lindz-580588 · last update: 1150820118 · posted: 1150224161

Are there any jazz festivals about this Summer? Lindz

started by: Torril · last update: 1150383576 · posted: 1143103572

Hello everyone. i am a Norwegian girl looking for a cinema where films are shown in English because my Spanish is not yet of a good level. Can anyone advise me?Torril

started by: Magda-580585 · last update: 1149777136 · posted: 1149700732

Are there any big name stars performing in the area over the summer? I'd love to go and check out a concert! magda

started by: sparky-580624 · last update: 1149105395 · posted: 1144753915

Does anyone know where I can see English Language films on the Costa Blanca?

started by: James-580734 · last update: 1148969620 · posted: 1148122188

Does anybody know what size of dish I need to get Sky TV with all the usual UK Channels? 

started by: Kylie-580622 · last update: 1148507562 · posted: 1147857795

Does anybody know when the World cup starts?  I keep hearing about it on the TV but they don't say when it is or when it ends.  Are England playing in it this year? postamble();

started by: hsk-580405 · last update: 1147987413 · posted: 1145875973

What a great time to be had in Benissa now, anyone else at the celebrations last night? The band was great and the fireworks superb, really great and I am sure lasted well over 30 mins. And all for free. Thank you Benissa

started by: cochouls · last update: 1147968610 · posted: 1147630876

Second-hand Sky Satellite dish wanted 2.4 Metre, must be in good condition with mount. Will buy whole equipment if possible.  500 euros offered. Tel:  966 716 665

started by: cochouls · last update: 1147630449 · posted: 1147630449

SONY KP-41S Rear Projection TV 42" screen, suit very large lounge/living room,or large bar/club.Teletext on Sky, Parental lock, Sleep timer. etc..(6)INPUTS - 3 SCART sockets AV1,2,3,RGB,YC2.YC3.Remote Control operates other Sony equipment.  Sony instruction manual.Best Offer over €140     World Cup coming soon! Come and see it working before our new one comes. Telephone 966 716 665 soon.  Quesada.

started by: jez-580461 · last update: 1146921501 · posted: 1138729382

Hello Girls, How about just a girls night out? Any age, any marital status, any colour, any creed  and any other description that I have missed out. I live in Benidorm and there are many places to go to suit all tastes. Thanks Jez.   

started by: Boogie-580696 · last update: 1146695464 · posted: 1146694354

I just luv to dance to good old disco soul. Where is The Club to go round here? Feel the rythym

started by: Antonio-580451 · last update: 1146133784 · posted: 1144861824

I've just read the "What's On" guide for Benissa where I'm currently staying ().  It features "Bull Running".  Does anyone have a clue what that is?  Some sort of horse race with bulls instead of horses? What's on in Benissa  

started by: Antonio-580451 · last update: 1145604797 · posted: 1143916197

I've got some friends coming down from Prague, and they're very keen to go to a bullfight.  I haven't actually been to one before.  I'm a vegetarian, and the concept doesn't actually appeal to me, but then again it is part of the local culture.  Has anyone been to a bullfight?  Is the bull killed quickly?  How bloody is a bullfight? Any where are the bullfights round here?

started by: analisecosta · last update: 1145445783 · posted: 1145369938

Does anyone know if we are going to be able to see World cup matches on ordinary Spanish TV? I don't want to have to go out to a bar for all the England matches!!analisecosta

started by: Roger-580633 · last update: 1145004905 · posted: 1144946402

I was thinking about going and seeing some classical music somewhere.  Not that I know much about classical music - it's just something I fancy doing, and it's probably best done before the tourists arrive in big numbers.  Is there anywhere I can go round here (Calpe)?  And if so can anyone recommend something to go to?  

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