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This week's films shown in English at the Kinépolis in the Plaza Mar 2 shopping centre include: Trash Escobar: Paradise Lost Interstellar Jimmy's Hall The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Kill The Messenger Full listings can be found here (.PDF file) http://kinepolis.es/pdf/week/29661  

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There's a few new releases this week showing in Alicante, as well as a few from past weeks. Films with showings in English this week are: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Jimmy's Hall The Judge Escobar: Paradise Lost Interstellar Kill The Messenger I Origins   And there's a live screening of The Pharaoh's Daughter (Ballet) on Sunday at 16:00 and L'elisir d'amore (Opera) from the Royal Opera House in London on Wednesday at 20:30.

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This week the Kinepolis in the Plaza Mar 2 shopping centre in Alicante have showings of a number of films in their original English language: Kill The Messenger Escobar: Paradise Lost I Origins Dracula Untold Interstellar (great film!) Gone Girl The Judge http://kinepolis.es/pdf/week/29661  

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Apologies if this has been mentioned before on here but just would like to mention that the Kinepolis cinema in Plaza Mar 2 (beginning of Av. Denia off of the roundabout) is now showing films in English. It has been for quite some time actually, and started off with one daily (at a silly time in the afternoon) but at the moment there's quite a good selection at proper cinema-going times. http://kinepolis.es/  

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we are stating nr pego/oliva and wondered where we can watch premiership footie locally

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Can anyone tell me the date of 2014 Los Montisinoss October Carnival please. Thank you.  Terri

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Horizon FM is the exciting new English radio station broadcasting across Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.   You can find us on 90.0 Javea, 97.2 benidorm, 106.7 Costa Blanca South, 91.5 Costa Calida. We play a mix of classic hits along with the best music from today. Local news, travel and weather and LIVE presenters!   Give us a try. you can also listen on-line at www.horizon.fm

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Hi - we have just moved to the area Is there any canasta players out there who would like a social game now and again? My wife is Flemish and I am english and we like to play cards. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards  Tony

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Anyone watching BBC TV tonight ?

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are their any places on northern costa blanca that offer real flamenco shows

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I didn´t know whether to list this under Entertainment of Health & Beauty, but decided that Irish Road Bowling wouldn´t improve anyone´s looks, but it is a very entertaining activity.We play Irish Road Bowling twice a week at El Raso, near Guardamar. This activity serves two purposes: (1) we walk around about 4kms whilst we are playing (2) we get to meet some lovely people. Irish Road Bowling was introduced to us by an Irish friend. It is played mainly in Armagh and Cork, and now Spain! The purpose of the game is to get around the course in the minimum number of throws. It´s a simple game. It is played with a 28oz iron ball with an 18cm circumference. We are drawn in pairs and are put into groups of 3-6 pairs, depending upon the number of people who turn up. We then proceed to the start of one of the two courses. The partners agree which one of them is going to throw first and the other walks along the course, anticipating the distance their partner will throw the ball. After being told by the scorer that it is safe to bowl, and calling ´ball coming´ (we don´t want anyone getting hit by a stray ball!!) , the partners who are throwing will throw their balls as far as they possibly can in turn. Their partner spots the ball and picks it up. The partner who threw the ball will then walk along the course and past their partner, again anticipating how far their partner might throw the ball when it´s their turn. When all the balls have been thrown the scorer will then call the players to throw their balls and this is how we proceed around the course. It´s not just a case of throwing the ball down a road; we have to negotiate corners and roundabouts which can be pretty tricky. Frequently the ball ends up in the campo and we may spend a little time finding the ball among the undergrowth, but it´s all part of the fun of the game. There number of players ranges from 10 to 30, and we welcome individuals as well as couples. We play on Tuesdays and Thursdays - in the winter we start at 2.30 (so congregate around 2.15) and in the warmer and hot weather we play in the evening. After the game we proceed to Ruby´s Bar for a drink or three before wending our way home. We are a very sociable group and organise evenings out to celebrate ... well anything we can really. We are planning a couple of days out when the weather gets better as well. If anyone is interested in playing, or even curious as to what it´s all about they can call me on 618 718 364 or send an email.

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what is the best tv satalite package in spain

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We are staying in moraira for a month,anyone know where's there's any music/karaoke on. We don't mind a drive

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I will be spending new year  in Novleda with friends and I am looking for information on should I stay there or go up to Benidorm for  new years eve  night,    thanks 

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Thinking of doing a soul night wood there be interest 

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Hola, We are moving to catral, and are looking for a reasonable priced TV internet packagem with english TV  we have had loads of suggestions wondered in anyone in the area had any reccommendations  

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We are looking for an adult party organiser in the costablanca area. Any one have any contacts please? Thankyou.

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We moved to Finestrat in March and apart from the ever barking dogs, which I can live with, the nights were so quiet and peaceful. Until, this last weekend, when heavy mettle came to town! At first when I saw them setting up I thought it a great idea but when we were all still awake at 03:30 two nights in a row I was not so sure. It seems strange to stage this in a small village half way up a mountain, can anyone tell me if this goes on all through the summer?  

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Can anyone tell me when the firework displays are on Guardamar beach please? Cheers

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On June 15th, four friends from the Busot area who are very much involved in fundraising for the Relleu Children, took them all to the Circus in Benidorm! The trip was a great success and as the Friend said, “The Children were so well behaved during the meal beforehand and at the circus itself. Their little faces when it all started was joy to behold and during the interval they all danced in the circus ring.”  Before the circus they went to Levis Showbar for the meal and it was fabulous, the staff were so attentive and they made sure the children had everything they could possibly need. When the hosts went to pay the bill it transpired that Levi had said that the children and the staffs meals were free. To quote the lovely Friend “When we found out we cried and the staff cried as well. When we left the restaurant to walk to the circus the staff all waved us off, it was truly inspiring.” As we never stop saying, the Relleu Children of Emaus just love being like other kids – out having fun. Sorry no photos of them – but we understand this is not permitted. If anyone has any fund-raising ideas they would like to put forward, please contact Di on Tel: 633 378 938, Email: emausrelleu@gmail.com Until next time, our thanks to our Busot Friends for all they are doing; to Elsie’s team in Muxtamel and thanks to everyone in Relleu who are working so hard for the Relleu Children of Emaus. For Further Information Linda Richardson linda@worldwidetravelmarketing.com Tel: 966 856 379

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