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Hello!  My name is Aimée and this is my first post. My husband and I, along with our two children (5 and 1 ), are wanting to relocate to Spain, possibly to the Alicante area, but we are open to other ideas ????.  We would ideally like to be relatively close to the beach if possible.  So, apart from looking at property in Spain online and having our current property in the UK valued, I was wondering what other expats could advise me to do next?!!! ie reputable estate agents etc, what we MUST do, things we really SHOULDN'T do!!! Does anybody recommend any expat areas which are good for young families? When do I start looking for schools?  Thanks for reading, Aimée

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Looking for any information in relation to student accommodation for 2 Erasmus students intending starting at U. A at the end of August. If anyone has a listing or contact details of accommodation of various types could they please pass on. Alternatively if one had availability to offer please forward. The students dont want to stay on campus but would like something near the city on the main bus route to the uni. Mant thanks.

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Hi, Need guidance and advice please! My husband and I moved to Alicante City February 2015, I'm 6months pregnant and hope we can have our baby here. We're not fluent in Spanish, but we get by. We have private insurance however finding it difficult to find an English speaking OBGYN/Gynaecologist. I know that most hospitals have free translaters, but would much prefer an English speaking doctor (for peace of mind). So I'm hoping someone out there who's in the same boat or had a smiilar experience can offer me some advice and guidance please? Or does anyone know of a midwife (an affordable midwife) here in Alicante? I basically need guidance please as I'm starting to worry about what our options are... sorry to make this sound complicated as I'm just not familiar at all! Thank you so much in advance! Please feel free to email me directly, my private email is moniquebirch@email.com Best regards, Monique

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How do you reniew your British passport if you live in Spain,and no longer have a UK home ? Help me on this one.   H. 

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We've been asked by a journalist from the BBC The questions that she wants us to answer are: What’s the best thing about how Christmas is celebrated in the country that you live in? What traditions from your home country have you imported with you? How do Christmas Markets and winter wonderlands/festivals/grottos compare to those in your home country?  She'd like anyone interesting in being interviewed for the piece to contact her by email - jennifer.scott@bbc.co.uk today as deadlines are tight

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Hi- We are staying in Albir for 6 months.  Does anyone know if they fluoridate the water? Thanks,

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Hello, Our daughter is 2.5 years of age and we are looking to send her to a nursery in the next few months. We would like some info on the best nurseries in the Villajoyosa/Benidorm area, the cost and what paperwork we would need to produce. We are English but our daughter was born here in Spain, I dont know is this makes any dirrerence to costs. I need to start looking for work myself so she would need to be in a nursery for around 6 hours a day. If possible. Any ideas and recomondations would be great. Thanks....    

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Hi- My family and I area staying in Altea for a month starting March 15 and we are looking for childcare for our 2 year old.  Does anyone know of any nurseries between Altea and Sella or a good babysitter? Thanks, Aimee

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We are an English couple considering moving to Alfaz/Albir area with our 12 year old daughter.  She is currently at Spanish secondary school and we are happy for her to continue.  Can anyone give me any information on Institutos in the area, what they are like, where they are and what the Spanish/foreigner mix is?  We would consider International Schools otherwise so any information would be gratefully received. Also, any general info on life in the area would be helpful, we like live music, dancing and eating out so would be interested to know what the social life in the area is like. My husband has a job to go to, we are just deciding which part of the Costa Blanca to move to, we have been to Alfaz before and quite like the look of it, but are very aware that living somewhere is very different to visiting so any advice would be welcomed.

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We have owned our holiday home near cocentaina for 6 yrs and are considering making a permanent move here now.  Our children are 3 & 4 yrs old.  Does anyone know about the schools available in this area or have children of a similar age and could advise?  We have been living in France for 13yrs, so are accustomed to living abroad already.  any advice would be great or if pele have time for a cuppa and play date let me know ;-)

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hi all can anyone tell him how much it would cost to send a 3 and 7 years olds to concertados school in alicante also any info on the quality of schooling bullying towards English children any info would be a great help   kind regards

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I am trying to get assistance for a vulnerable person.  Does anyone know of a company who supply the type of "panic button" used in the UK which is wired into the phone or similar and the person can contact the security company in the case of distress.   This is extremely urgent!!!   Thank you Veronica

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British Embassy Press Release: Tourists heading for an Easter break by the Mediterranean are being warned to look out for their valuables when visiting busy urban areas. British Consulates in Spain are reporting rising trends in the number of street crimes involving stolen passports, money and other valuables.  A stolen bag leads to frustration, extra costs and lost holiday time as tourists deal with the consequences. The British Consulate in Barcelona, one of the most popular visitor cities in Europe, issued 1320 emergency travel documents (ETDs) in 2012 - some 75% of which were the result of stolen passports. This was an increase of 19% from 1072 during the previous year. During the first two months of this year, the number of ETDs issued was 120, a 20% rise on the 100 provided during the same period last year. Meanwhile in Madrid, the British Consulate issued 362 ETDs during 2012 – the equivalent of one a day – up 23% from 294 the previous year. During January and February this year 50 were issued, a 10% increase on the 45 during the same period last year. An ETD – which enables a traveller to return to the UK if they have lost their passport - currently costs 115 euros (approx 100 pounds). Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Southern Europe, said:  “Unfortunately we have seen increases in pickpocketing and distraction thefts. We urge holidaymakers to keep an eye on their belongings at all times.  We want to reduce the numbers of British visitors who come to us for help over stolen passports and belongings, so they can get on with enjoying their Easter breaks instead of spending their precious holiday time in our consular offices”. The three main methods used by city criminals are: Pickpocketing on public transport and in busy areas. Distraction techniques (asking victims for help or directions, spilling something on clothes and offering to help). Unattended bag / handbag snatching in hotels, restaurants, cafés, airport and train stations. Anyone can be a victim of city crime. Julie Crossley, a family careers support advisor from Hemel Hempstead in Herts, and a regular visitor to Spain, said: “We have been travelling to Reus airport for the last nine years and had never experienced any crime against us or anyone we know, so it didn’t even enter our heads that we would become victims ourselves at such a relatively quiet airport. My husband was looking after our bags as I visited the ladies, was distracted by someone asking where the exit was, and  had no idea our travel wallet had been taken. And we would say we are seasoned travellers. Don’t be complacent”. A Palmer, a chartered tax adviser from Harpenden in Herts had a similar experience: “On the last day of our holiday in Sitges we were sitting outside a cafe near the train station with our four children and our luggage. A local man pulled up in his car and asked for directions, which made us look away from our bags. His accomplice took one of the handbags which contained valuables including all our passports. When we realised, we felt so foolish for being duped and wished we had checked our hand luggage before we responded, rather than after. It seems so obvious looking back.” Albia Begum, a travel journalist from Lancashire visited Madrid: “I was playing a game with people at one of my favourite hostels in the heart of Madrid, and I left my bag under the table to go outside for five minutes. When I returned the game was over and my bag was missing. I had lost my passport, personal possessions and a huge amount of cash. I tried everything to look for my passport - searching every room in the hostel, leaving a poster, and asking if any security cameras were on but nobody could help. I had to apply for an emergency travel passport, pay for my visa again to go to Mauritania in Africa, and use more money to pay for my stay at the hostel. No matter where you are in the world, you or your personal possessions are not safe, even for a second....” British Consulates in Spain are working with local police, tour operators, airports, ports, car hire companies and main railway stations to help tackle city crime.

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Hi all, I was wondering if any one out there can help me, I have just sold my house to move to Spain and am looking for a state school with a good reputation for helping children overcome the language barriers who have learning difficulties. My son is six years old. Many thanksJayne Jayne

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British Embassy Press Release: UK law enforcers have launched a new police check that will help British schools in Spain to identify and screen out people who are unsuitable to be working with children. The new International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) was presented to more than 200 delegates from 60 authorised British schools at the annual conference of the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) in Seville on 7 and 8 March. The UK national law enforcement agency that is dedicated to protecting children from abuse – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) – launched the new certificate after finding that some international schools, charities and other agencies overseas lack access to the same level of police checks available to organisations in the UK, sometimes enabling sex offenders to gain positions of trust with children. British Ambassador Giles Paxman attended the NABSS conference where he spoke to representatives of the Spanish authorities and several school delegates. Mr Paxman said: “Schools have a critical role to play in guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of children. The new International Child Protection Certificate is an effective tool designed to reduce the chances of sex offenders gaining access to children. I encourage all schools in Spain to include it as part of their staff recruitment.” The ICPC was first unveiled at the British Embassy Madrid at an event attended by Spanish government and law enforcement representatives. Spanish officers specialising in tackling child sexual abuse also shared their expertise and experience of combating this crime with staff from CEOP during a two-day law enforcement workshop at the Spanish Ministry of Interior.. Founded in 1978, NABSS is today a large group that defends the interests of British Schools in Spain.

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I have heard of a support group on the costa blanca that helps single mums and gives them legal advice. ccan someone tell me who this group is. really need this help with my kids

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Hi all We will be moving to the orihuela costa area sometime in september and will need to get my 12 year old into school, can anyone please help us on choosing the right institute for her, we gather its between the playa flamenca or san miguel schools.  information gratefully apreciated jayne

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Can anyone recommend a nursery in Almoradi?

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British Consulate Press release: The British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, has met with the Provincial president of the Spanish Red Cross, Emilio Bascuñana Galiano, to discuss how to work together to support vulnerable Brits.  The Red Cross, or Cruz Roja, is very active in the province of Alicante and throughout Spain supporting people of all nationalities who find themselves in situations of need, working closely with local social services departments to provide basic services. The Red Cross representatives were very interested in hearing about the different English speaking associations in the area and how to work more closely with them in areas with a high percentage of British nationals on the padrón. They agreed that by working together with these charities, they would be able to offer better support to English speakers. Following the meeting, the Consul said: “In these difficult times, the British Consulate in Alicante is focusing on helping British nationals who are vulnerable and are suffering.  Closer collaboration with the English speaking charities is essential and the Spanish charities also have a key role to play.  Today´s meeting with the president of Cruz Roja is part of ongoing initiatives to ensure that British nationals who are in distress receive the best possible support.” For more information about the Spanish Red Cross, visit www.cruzroja.es

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British consulate press release: British  Ambassador  Giles Paxman has  met  councillors for European Residents  to discuss further ways  to encourage British nationals to integrate into their local communities.  Speaking at a forum  for councillors responsible for European Residents -  entitled “Working together to Support British Nationals” -  the Ambassador said he was impressed by their motivation and dedication to their work with the British community.  Mr Paxman recognised many of the issues that  councillors have to deal with on a daily basis:  how to ensure that British nationals only access healthcare in the way they are entitled to,  how to overcome the language barrier that  many residents face, and how to offer the best support to the elderly and vulnerable who may lack  nearby family. He said the only way to address these concerns was through working together and involving local communities.  Giles Paxman  said: “The forum was a pioneering initiative to share best practice between the different councillors of the main town halls where British nationals are resident. It was also  an opportunity to clarify  what the Consulate can do and to establish the assistance that  town halls can offer.   British residents make up 7% of the population of Alicante province, so it is important that town halls are seen as the first port of call for those who need help.    ”Judging from feedback, this event was very useful for the councillors and will enable them to help British residents who are finding difficulty in plugging into the Spanish system.”  The 15 town halls at the forum represent over 100,000 British residents, more than 75 percent of the registered British population in Alicante and 25 percent of all British residents on the padrón in  Spain.  Mr Paxman  underlined the positive economic impact of  British citizens, saying that tourism alone contributed an estimated 1.32 billion Euros to  the Valencia region in 2011,  to which should be added the positive economic impact of  the British residents.  He  emphasized  that under EU law, the UK paid the Spanish  government 277 million Euros in 2010 to cover the cost of  heath care provided to  British nationals . During the event, organised by the British Consulate in Alicante,  councillors  examined ideas for  encouraging British nationals to register on the padrón, as well as  case studies to highlight the roles of the Consulate and local  town halls.  Councillors learned  that the Consulate is unable to  give legal advice or organise  repatriation to the UK,  but  can help people  contact family members who may be able to provide financial or other  support. Teulada, Torrevieja and Calpe town halls presented a number of new initiatives  including  closer collaboration with British  residents’ associations to help Spanish social services,  an  enquiry service  for foreign  residents and  a language exchange to aid language learning.  The Consulate and councillors also  discussed new ways to keep in touch with their local communities using social and traditional media, and considered ways of sharing ideas and common experience in  future.

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