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Our daughter got engaged at Christmas and wants to marry in the summer. We are very happy for her and Spanish finance. Only trouble is that money is tight and we all want the day to be special. So here goes. I am an experienced cook and can cope with the buffet what we need is a venue in the Rojales area. So any bar owners out who would consider letting us do the food and music in their premises for what they will take at the Bar? We would undertake to clean up after the "do" of course.

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sweethome-582176 1232015282

Congratualtions to you all its good to hear some nice news. I do hope some one out there will want to help it might cheer us all up to hear about it.

pinkbird 1232100941

any luck yet pippy, If I hear of anything I will email you.

fortunelady 1232563728

Hi Pippy,

lf you like to e-mail me with details.ie date you require...etc

l might be able to help you.


hippychic-581604 1232615763

Have you thought of having your celebration outdoors. Theres BBQ areas at Recorral and Formentera, which isn't far away.

pippy-581697 1233569459

Thanks so much to all the kind people who have contacted us. What we have decided is to wait a little longer to get married, times are very hard at present and we want to have a nice wedding. Ironically the place that I worked, at which laid me off with no notice, offered a free venue unware of who was advertsing, well thats life. Thanks again will get back to everyone soom I hope

pippy's daughter

fortunelady 1233701599

Hi Pippy,s daughter,

the venue that was offered to you in good faith did know who you were,

but would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for the future :)

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