English family planning on moving to Spain, Alicante area.

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Hello!  My name is Aimée and this is my first post. My husband and I, along with our two children (5 and 1 ), are wanting to relocate to Spain, possibly to the Alicante area, but we are open to other ideas ????.  We would ideally like to be relatively close to the beach if possible.  So, apart from looking at property in Spain online and having our current property in the UK valued, I was wondering what other expats could advise me to do next?!!! ie reputable estate agents etc, what we MUST do, things we really SHOULDN'T do!!! Does anybody recommend any expat areas which are good for young families? When do I start looking for schools?  Thanks for reading, Aimée

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Hi Aimee!

I would recommend www.livespainforlife.com. They are fantastic! they know the ropes about buying properties in the Alicante/Murcia region, and can give loads of advice about taxes, schools, local infrastructure etc.

No! the company is not mine, nor do I work for them, but we sold our seafront penthouse through them, and bought our dream house in the countryside through them too!

hope this helps!


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Thanks so much for your reply xica123. I will check out that website tonight. 

Wish me luck ???????? !

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Hi we have been living in the Alicante area for 12 years now , our kids were 4 and 8 when we moved over and the went through the Spanish state school no problem.

have you any area in mind , ie do you want to live semi rural or on a big housing estate with many other expats ?

Cheers Tony

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Hi Tony, 

Thanks very much for your reply ????. So, we don't have a specific area in mind as such, we would just really like to be near other expats with young children. I have lived in a very rural area of Italy for 2 years, and it was a REAL struggle. My husband works away for long periods, so it's very important for me to have a network of people with kids around me really. 

That's great to hear that your two children went through the Spanish state school with no problems, we are hoping for the same if possible. I presume they are bilingual? 

Are there any areas which you would recommend/avoid? How long did it take for you to complete your move from selling your house (if you had one to sell) to finally moving to Spain? We have had our house valued but not put it on the market, yet! I'm also on the hunt for a reputable estate agency and obviously personal recommendation goes a long way. 

Sorry for for all the questions but we need as much help as we can possibly get our hands on.

Thanks in advance,



cssolar 1436274948

Hi Aimee


Finding an area with other expats with young children may be quite difficult , as there are not too many familys living here due to the poor work situation .

But I guess there must be some ! somewhere 

Its hard to recomend areas as , different people like different things , persolally I think the best thing to do would be to come over for a couple of weeks , hire a car and explore , find the area you like first then look at houses 

If you dont mind living on a big housing estate , there are many all over the costa blanca , more so in the southern areas .

I cant rememmber how long the move took , but our house in the UK sold very quickly , and it shouldent take long to buy a place here as its a buyers market and there is so much property available at bargain prices !

I know where there is a house that seems like a bargain , justy inland from Alicante , but need a little modernisation 

it has 4 beds 3 baths , garage , pool 2800m land 130,000€


firsteuro 1436448512



I would recommend Hondon Valley Homes in Hondon de las Nieves.


Local agents who live in the area and have done for years.

Also Live Spain for life as well.


stanandkiki-10043774 1436455797

I think we will definitely have to come over and take a proper look for ourselves at some point in the near future. 



stanandkiki-10043774 1436455874

Thanks firsteuro, 

I will check those sites out ????


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