Giving birth in Alicante Spain

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Hi, Need guidance and advice please! My husband and I moved to Alicante City February 2015, I'm 6months pregnant and hope we can have our baby here. We're not fluent in Spanish, but we get by. We have private insurance however finding it difficult to find an English speaking OBGYN/Gynaecologist. I know that most hospitals have free translaters, but would much prefer an English speaking doctor (for peace of mind). So I'm hoping someone out there who's in the same boat or had a smiilar experience can offer me some advice and guidance please? Or does anyone know of a midwife (an affordable midwife) here in Alicante? I basically need guidance please as I'm starting to worry about what our options are... sorry to make this sound complicated as I'm just not familiar at all! Thank you so much in advance! Please feel free to email me directly, my private email is Best regards, Monique

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The AngloINFO Directory lists local English speaking Doctors here: Why not contact a few for advice.

You can also find more information about Having a Baby in Spain in the Information section:

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