Young Persons writing competition. Urgent.

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Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to a wonderful New Year. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jenny and I have a website on which I sell Ebooks. I have started a writing competition for young persons, from the age of ?? to 16years.I have advertised in Local Papers and have a few responses but not enough, sad to say. The subject can be anything and they can work with a friend. The winning stories will be published in an Ebook and advertised on my Site. All monies will go to a childrens charity for children in need here in Spain. This is a good cause. As, at this time of year we and our children have schooling, computers, books and all of the equipment at hand to work within the school environment but other children are not so lucky. Please I need your help. All payments for purchasing the book will be made through PayPal in a Charity account. Also I would like to ask if anyone knows of a deserving childrens charity, please let me know. I would like it to go to children that do not always get the support from the larger charities. They could be in a small village or orphanage that needs local support. Please, please, let all the youngsters know about this. All particulars are shown on my website and you can get more info by emailing me. Email address is shown on the website. It will be fun and there are prizes to win, besides having their work published. You never know there could be some budding writers out there. This is not a SCAM so please think about this as a serious request. Jenny.B. Become a write, everyone has a story inside of them.

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Caritas might be a good charity to look at supporting- I read in the local paper that at the moment there are homeless children and families sheltering in the cemetary near Guardamar and this charity are trying to help.

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