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Sorry guys I know even seeing the words "smear test" sends shivers down your spines, but I want to know how often the Spanish health service recommends you have one. Also how on earth do you ask the doctor for one? saffy

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My frend is expecting and has asked her boss to give her everything in writing of what time she's due etc. Nightmare! Anyone know what she is due? Maternity leave here?

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Do any of you good people know of an Asthma Clinic or a specialist consultant/doctor in the Denia area please. Many Thanks Jackie

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My Ma in Law has recently moved down and needs to get her Pension changed and on the health system. Is it easy? Do we need a translator? All info gratefully received.

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What is the policy on visiting the dentist here? At home I went every 6 months...are dentists private? and if so can anyone recommend a decent one? emilia

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Was anyone else there, it was fantastic and even made it to the BBC, see the pictures here

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When is Shrove tuesday? Please don't say I've missed it! woof

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