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Hi, I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant and having problems with the care here. I have been told i must obtain an E112 form from Newcastle. I have spoken to them and they are saying i need a reason why i can't fly home to have the baby. I don't currently pay into the social and stress levels are building Please has anyone got any advice for me?? Thanks Sam

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I'm looking for someone who claims to have known my parents back in the late 50's in south east london. His name is Eric and either he, or his friend Andre now have a place on the urbanisation La Marina, San Fulgencio (also where my parents Margaret and Archie live). Don't know any surnames, but Andre's cousin was called Sylvia.If you are Eric or Andre can you please get in touch so that we can solve the mystery of who Eric is and how you all knew each other.

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Press release - British Consul discusses security issues with Alicante Airport Yesterday, the British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, met with the Director of the Alicante Airport and police representatives to discuss security issues. The aim of the meeting was to gather information about the functioning of the new terminal and raise the British Consulate’s concerns over the number of passports that have been stolen since it opened. The British Consul said: “We enjoy a very good working relationship with the airport authority and with the police and they are always receptive to our requests and comments. The new terminal has improved significantly the airport’s capacity and service quality but we must continue to work with the authorities to cover all issues affecting the security of British passengers” 3.9 million British nationals travelled through the Alicante airport last year making, 40% of the total number of passengers.

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I have a 2 month old baby and live in the La Nucia area, i am interested to know if anyone can suggest and mother and baby groups or activities, music classes, baby massage, swimming etc..

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I'm organising a birthday party for my youngest daughter and would like to give all the kids a party bag with some games, colouring stuff and a couple of treats. Is there anywhere that I can buy all of this in one go or will I just have to buy the bags and everything else separate?

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My kids are coming over to stay perhaps permanently but I work full time, what kind of options are there for childcare etc? I was thinking of Au Pair but it needs to be a more permanent thing? Summer Holidays my ex wants me to have the kids which I also want but if I work full time its going to be difficult to arrange childcare. Ideally someone in the Villa would be best as its quite large and has a separate apartment below. Any useful advice etc would be great!

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Hi All.I wonder if anyone knows of a zoo type place around Orihuela,Murcia. I'm looking for somewhere to take kids which are on holiday but the youngest is 3 so I'm not interested in water park's. I have looked at information for Terra natura in Murcia but someone told me it was closed now. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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Support for Tourists – Consul Encourages Travel Insurance and Joint Working In Meeting With Tour Operators The British Consul in Alicante met with tour operators in Benidorm this week to discuss how best to support British nationals on holiday in the Costa Blanca this summer and to ask them to continue to promote the advantages of taking out travel insurance . As the tourist season gets into full swing, supporting Brits who come to Spain on holiday is a top priority for the British Consulate. Benidorm, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain for British holiday-makers, is a key area for both the Consulate and the tour operators, which is why it is essential that they have a good working relationship. The Consul, Paul Rodwell, gave a presentation to the tour operators regarding what the Consulate can and cannot do, and how to support someone who has been hospitalised, bereaved or has suffered a sexual assault. They discussed who has responsibility of supporting the tourists who travel with a tour operator (the tour operator is responsible for their care unless they need assistance after their departure date has passed) and how they might deal with a crisis situation if this were to arise. They then looked at ways of preventing Brits from becoming victims of crime, especially when they first arrive. The Consul told the tour operators ‘We all know that a lost or stolen passport can be a distressing experience for any holiday maker so it’s really important to encourage people to be vigilant when they first arrive and then leave their passport in their hotel safe. Carrying a photocopy around in Benidorm is normally sufficient for the local authorities.’ The Consul also presented the Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘Know before you go’ campaign, and asked the tour operators to continue to encourage their customers to take out travel insurance, declare any medical problems they already have and ensure the emergency contacts section of their passports are filled in. Paul said ‘People who travel with a tour operator can access a lot of invaluable support if something goes wrong, and in the Consulate in Alicante we realise this is the case. For example, if one of their holiday-makers ends up in hospital, they will visit regularly, or if someone is a victim of crime, they will advise how to make a police report and check they are ok. It was really useful to meet with them, and I hope that this summer, together we will be able to offer as much support to British nationals in need as possible’.

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Hi,We're coming to Altea on holiday in summer and want to check if gluten free products (bread, pasta etc) are available in the local shops. One kid with us is allergic. With Ryanair weight limits we need to watch our luggage weight.Thanks for any info.RgdsJim

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The British Consulate and the Deputy Delegate's Office in Alicante join efforts in fight against domestic violence The Government Deputy Delegate, Encarna Llinares, and the British Consul in Alicante, Paul Rodwell, met this morning and were joined by the Head of the Civil Guard in Alicante, Colonel Antonio Castro, and the Superintendent of the National Police, Juan Manuel Juárez. Both Ms Llinares and Mr Rodwell highlighted the close collaboration and understanding existing between both institutions, "essential in a first-rate tourist destination for British nationals such as Alicante". The Deputy Delegate informed the Consul on the "positive public safety results for the past years in the Alicante province, where the crime rate has decreased by 22.1% since 2003". The British Consul in Alicante stressed the "relevance of security" and congratulated the State Security Forces and Bodies –both the Civil Guard and the National Police Force- for their work and "for achieving these results". Mr Rodwell also highlighted the joint involvement of the Consulate and the Government Deputy Delegate Office in the fight against domestic violence. In this regard, "the Consulate has published a leaflet, which includes the support channels and existing resources in the province. It is aimed at women who are victims of abuse and any other individuals who want to report an assault. The Spanish Police Forces will help to disseminate the leaflet". This leaflet also includes key telephone numbers, such as 016 to contact the national helpline for victims of domestic violence, offering professional advice on support and services, or the Civil Guard 062, the National Police 091, the Emergency Helpline 112 and other addresses of interest, such as those of the Crime Victims Assistance Offices. The details of the British Consulate itself can also be found in the leaflet, since it also offers assistance and support to British nationals. British Consul, Paul Rodwell said: "Domestic violence is unacceptable. We all need to join efforts in order to stop the scourge of domestic violence and provide the available resources for partners who are victims of abuse".

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My son 12yrs old would like to play tennis with kids his age in the Calpe-Moraira area. He will be here on the 17th April for 2 weeks. 686 780 617

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Things getting you down? Want to talk things over? Then join us for a coffee and a chat at our DROP-IN CAFÉ, LAURA'S AT WESTBEACH, CALPE 35 Avenida Gabriel Miro (at the bottom just near the fountain) Every Monday during the Summer Starting 2nd May 2011, 10 am to 12 noon Costa Blanca Samaritans are extending their listening service. Alongside the telephone service already offered between 8pm and midnight every night, we will be available Monday mornings 10am-12 noon where you can come along and chat with one of our trained Listening Volunteers, over a cup of coffee. INTERESTED? Feel free to drop in and have a coffee with us. Whatever you are going through, we offer a completely confidential, free, emotional support service for English speakers of any age or nationality, who may be troubled by anything from financial worries, relationship problems, family issues, to feelings of distress or despair, and suicidal thoughts. Our trained volunteers are ready to listen, whatever your issue, whether large or small, and support you as you explore your thoughts and feelings about what troubles you. We do not judge, or tell you what to do, but instead listen, to allow you to decide how you might go forward. The Telephone Helpline will remain available on 902 88 35 35 every evening from 8.00pm until midnight. Calls are charged at National Rate. Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to questions posted on this forum. Please see our website for contact information (address given below). Costa Blanca Samaritans is registered with the Generalitat Valenciana as a 100% not-for-profit organisation with the number: CV-01-042952-A and is staffed entirely by Volunteers. www.costablancasamaritans.com

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British Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman blogs on AngloINFO on the Royal visit of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall: The Royal Visit approaches

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British Consul welcomes work by Spanish authorities to tackle domestic violence The British Consul Paul Rodwell has welcomed the work being carried out by Spanish authorities to tackle domestic violence, at an event to highlight concern about the issue. At a meeting with the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente in Orihuela Costa last Thursday, the Consul said he was also pleased to hear of magnificent work done by associations such as that achieved by the Neighbourhood Watch group led by Chris Poole in terms of improving security and reducing crime by working with police forces. The Consul took part in an event to show solidarity with victims of domestic violence and to raise awareness around this issue. Paul Rodwell said “A significant percentage of the arrests we are informed about in the Consulate are related to domestic violence and we are very pleased to see the work that is being carried out by the Spanish authorities in this area. We are working closely with the Diputación and the Subdelegación of the central government in Alicante as well as town halls to find a way of helping the British victims of domestic violence by ensuring they are aware of the resources available to them.” The Consul thanked the Diputación de Alicante for translating their Information Guide on Welfare Rights for Victims of Gender-based Violence into English, which will enable a large number of English speakers to find out what support they can get. This can be downloaded from the Diputación website www.residenteseuropeos.com. He explained that the Consulate wants to avoid duplicating support that already exists here in Spain. ‘What we really want is for British nationals to be able to access the huge amount of support that already exists”, said Mr Rodwell. “The first step we want any victim to take is to contact the police, as they are the ones who can ensure their safety. We also want English speakers to be able to get the same additional support that Spanish speakers can currently access. For example, a lot of people don’t know that they can call the Victims’ Helpline on 016 and speak to someone in English, or read the new English language version of the guide for victims of domestic violence that has just been translated.” The Consulate is also working with local volunteers, including Shana and Diana who helped to organise the event, to see what more practical help can be offered.

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Hi, Does anyone know of any local TEFL English teachers or tutors who could tutor my children. I have one 5 year old and one 16 year old (doing GCSE'S- more important for tutoring!) They also need to imrove on their english ans they speak mainly spanish! SKD 649326757

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A very interesting posting on AngloINFO London from an American TV company wanting to document people moving to the UK. To read more click here: AngloINFO London Forum

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Hi can anyone recommend a teacher on a one to one basis to help a 13 year old who is staying in Pedreguer on a short-term (possibly 2/4 weeks) with subjects - Maths; English; Science etc.

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Calpe area. Tutor / retired teacher needed for 11 year old Year 6 between schools.

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We look for a boy or girl to play and teach English or American language to my 20 months son. It is not to babysit because we will be around or will go out to the park with them. My interest is to have my son learning English asap. We pay a little money. We may go to the park or stay at home singing, just playing or we may go to a Play Group as well,,,,,Two hours 2, 3 or 4 days a week. Area Cabo Huertas, Alicante.You could come and visit to meet us and see the house...Please contact. 

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Does anyone happen to know of any Halloween events for kids around Los Montesinos or very close by?

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