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Hi, I am looking for information on getting married in Spain. Costa blanca /San Miguel area. The info I need would be for a Catholic Church wedding and reception. I have heard that it is very difficult to organise and that the couple need to be signed on the Padron etc... I am hoping to do as much as possible myself for my Niece as I live here but I know that paperwork has to be in Spanish so will need professional help with that ,I can also check out venue's but I would love to hear from people who have done it and hopefully get some tips on Do's and Dont's. Thanks

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Can anyone help me find my brother. Last heard of working in Benidorm Name Colin Cameron Rankin If you can help please contact me Mike Rankin Michaelrankin@wanadoo.fr or Phone no 0033545310896 Thankyou Mike Rankin

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Primark's new store opens at 12 o'clock in the Elche Mall near Eroski on Thursday 26th August.

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Hi can anyone recommend a group or "One to One" to offer help and support for a teenager who has a problem with controlling his temper please?

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Can anyone tell me how tall kids need to be to go on the rides at Terra Mitica? I know some places have restrictions for safety and the last thing I want is to get there and find out they are too short!

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Hi Everyone, My wife and I are looking to move to La Romana with our two children a boy of 10 and Girl of 7. We currently live in USA , and have lived there for 4 years. I would be interested to hear from anyone with kids , of their experiences of the move , and to be honest if you are really happy. We are not really looking for an expat community living experience, more of a genuine spanish way of life. What can anyone tell me?

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Hi My son is doing his final dissertation at Cheltenham university. He needs some consumer feedback. Part of it he need results from a short survey on chocolate marketing, it should only take 2/3 minuets. The aim of this is to analyses consumer behaviour and the link between branding and packaging in the confectionary market. Please click or copy/paste the below link into your web browser http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YBXSBV9 If you know of anyone willing to fill out the questionnaire, please pass it onto them Thank you Robin..

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Hi, we want to get married in Spain, rather than travel back and forth to our permanent home, and we need some help with the legal aspects. We're in Denia and would like to know anyone has positive experience with assistance from a gestion firm in this area and can suggest one to us. Thanks!

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Our family home was burgled on the early hours of 22 Jan. My 7 year old son's, cherished Christmas present, the Apple Itouch was stolen.IF you are offered a BARGAIN I touch with the dedication 'To Tom the BOMB' , please call the police on our behalf or get the dealers tel number.Its an outside chance but I feel the need to do something.

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Hi everyone, There's a new forum at www.oldschoolgate.com, for parents to talk about ideas and news to do with kids and schools. There are boards dedicated to a couple of local schools already, as well as general areas where we can discuss after school clubs, lifts, etc... if you'd like a board for your school just drop the administrators a line. Please do come and check it out, and help spread the word to any parents you know in the local area - thanks!

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Does anyone know what time the 3 Kings parade begins in Alfaz? and does it start at the Casa Cultura? thanks,

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how long does it take to recieve n will i get the full 2500

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Hi , Does anyone have a suggestion for a mobile phone provider , I need good coverage in Spain and also frequent calls to UK... plus data. Due to amount of UK calls I do and texts.. I need a good rate.. and maybe one that doesnt class it as roaming, any ideas?

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im due in 5 weeks and i have no clues of the rules and what have i got to take etc does anyone know what happens at the new maternity ward in denia marina alta

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Where sells nice little presents for new babies(what do you get a newborn anyway?), in Rojales or Almoradi?

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My friend urgently needs to get her son's name embroidered on his school apron. Is there anywhere that does this in the Almoradi area?

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hii'm looking to move to spain in october. i have a 9 year old son and i was just wondering how hard/easy it is to get a placement in a local school? do i need any documents from the british schools etc????? many thanks

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Having lost my job late last year, and my partner his this year, we are both struggling financially and have heard that Caritas can help us with food but haven't been able to find any info. Does anyone know anything about this?

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My friend wanted me to post a little warning for parents of small children. Last week she sent her son to nursery as normal, and when he collected him in the evening he had horrific sunburn which needed medical attention. She has removed her child from the nursery, and is denouncing them, but would like to remind anyone who looks after a child to be very,very careful in the sun. Use sunscreen, make them wear a hat and tshirt!

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I've just heard the tragic story of the child left in a hot car while his mother was at work. He died of the heat- but what many people don't realise is this can be dangerous for only a short time. Just a reminder when its hot like this kids(and dogs) should never be left in a car even with windows open and air con on!

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