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Is there anyone who can help me locate my uncle John everson who is living in the Alicante area. He would be in his early 70s. Its a long shot that some one would recognise him but even if you can tell me the name of the Spanish phone directory i would be grateful.

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anyone ever come across such a thing here, were you can talk to other parents to try to solve problems get advice?

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does a non catholic have to convert to be married in church?

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some are having a hard time it seems. We really all need to plan for the future. Some of my neighbours just say when the subject comes up that we can all look after each other. As one of the youngest here I have had to make it clear that I will not take responsibility and that we should have some firm sensible plans, what's you view have you planned?

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I was wondering - when you have a baby here in Spain, do you get a health booklet for the child ? If so what it is called? Do they give it to you - or do you have to go apply somewhere for it?

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Hi Am new to the area - new to Spain in fact and looking for a baby group. I live in Alfaz but can travel within reason. Thanks very much. Maddy.

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Our daughter got engaged at Christmas and wants to marry in the summer. We are very happy for her and Spanish finance. Only trouble is that money is tight and we all want the day to be special. So here goes. I am an experienced cook and can cope with the buffet what we need is a venue in the Rojales area. So any bar owners out who would consider letting us do the food and music in their premises for what they will take at the Bar? We would undertake to clean up after the "do" of course.

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hi im pregnant and want to know if i am entitled to payments or some help i have sip and paid 11 months social

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We have just moved to Oliva 2 weeks ago and. We are trying to get her in to school, Meanwhile we are looking for a children's club off some kind around the area so that she can mingle with someone her own age. Know of any ?

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I heard today that you can get help with food etc if you are in real need, I am going to try and find out more and will post here. Even if you are not in need your self you may know of some who are

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We have just opened up the pool and my son has naturally blond hair which goes unnaturally green in the pool. He will not wear a swimming cap and likes to swim like a fish every day. Anyone know how to avoid this problem?

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Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are now looking forward to a wonderful New Year. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jenny and I have a website on which I sell Ebooks. I have started a writing competition for young persons, from the age of ?? to 16years.I have advertised in Local Papers and have a few responses but not enough, sad to say. The subject can be anything and they can work with a friend. The winning stories will be published in an Ebook and advertised on my Site. All monies will go to a childrens charity for children in need here in Spain. This is a good cause. As, at this time of year we and our children have schooling, computers, books and all of the equipment at hand to work within the school environment but other children are not so lucky. Please I need your help. All payments for purchasing the book will be made through PayPal in a Charity account. Also I would like to ask if anyone knows of a deserving childrens charity, please let me know. I would like it to go to children that do not always get the support from the larger charities. They could be in a small village or orphanage that needs local support. Please, please, let all the youngsters know about this. All particulars are shown on my website http://www.tecnichomemarketing.com and you can get more info by emailing me. Email address is shown on the website. It will be fun and there are prizes to win, besides having their work published. You never know there could be some budding writers out there. This is not a SCAM so please think about this as a serious request. Jenny.B. Become a write, everyone has a story inside of them.

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If anyone has the time and the inclination could they email me or post their thought on this subject. Is there good care ,what type people want, what they think they would pay etc. Particularly interested in hearing from those who might or have consider a sheltered type environment without personal or nursing care needed.

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Times are getting hard here, more so for those already on a low wage with little resources. Our family would like to do what we can to help on the Rojales area. If you have anything useful you are about to throw out think again could someone make use of it. Children's clothes, especially winter, and household things in particular would be great. this is an individual effort by the family, to help out some of our neighbours, hope some of you out there will would like to join us. Compassion as a pillar of world peace

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To be held at Casa Maria cafe in Catral on 25th November, all are welcome, large selection of new clothing avaiable for kiddies from infant to teenagers, all are welcome, most items are british branded, small selection of monsoon ladies clothing available also. jt

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Hey, we're looking for somebody to go to theme parks together! Bigger company - more fun! (I've got a 7 yo girl, we both speak Spanish and English) Feel free to contact me.

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Hi We are hoping to move to Albatera soon with 2 boys aged 2yrs and 4yrs.Is there anybody in the area with similar aged children.Are the schools good? We have lived in spain before and are currently in France but want better lifestyle and weather. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hola, Ingles Amigos. Can somebody please help us. I am shortly moving into the Oliva area (noviembre) ish with my other half and our daughter who is 8. We are looking for a good school and details of what we need to do to get her enrolled. We intend putting her through Spanish main stream as lots of people keep suggesting that would be best. We are coming over again next in 2 weeks so any help at would be gratefully received.

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Does anyone know of any drawing/painting lessons for kids in Costa Blanca North area? (I've got a 7 y.o. girl) Thank you.

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for art materials for free art classes for children in Rojales. If you have some books you have finished with and are in that area would be great.

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