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I was horrified yesterday to see a very young baby being floated around our local pool in the intense heat of the middle of the day. Young childrens skin is very much thinner than adults and they should be keep right out of the sun. They can burn in under 10 minutes.

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My name is Maria and I live in Alicante. I would like meet english people who live in Alicante city o very close to exchage language. If you want meet spanish people and improve your spanish and have free time we can meet. I am married and I am pregnant and I would like to my baby will learn english as soon as posible. You can send me a mail to maluvelo31@hotmail.com Bgrds. maria

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we all seem to have got athletes foot its awful. have treated it and its clearing up but where could we have picked it up any ideas so we can avoid

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we are moving to Rojales in August hopefully,are there any other english children nearby who can settle us in please? sue x

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hello, need some advise on where in the costa blanca to look at property, i am single mum with 2 boys ( 10 and 13 ), dont drive and need to work . does anyone know if la mata is suitable for our needs or if not any other suggestions ? smithy

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Do any parents of children attending the Mar Azul International School at St. Miguel de Salinas have any concrete information concerning its future? Parents only, please, not residents.

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I was recently told that eating lots of carrots can help you tan more quickly. It was something to do with the carotene they contain i think. Is this true, and has anyone used carrots or carotene supplements successfully to get a darker tan?

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I have been told that these are really bad for your teeth has anyone else read about this please.

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We arrive with our friends tomorrow night, with 5 kids age range 5 to 11. The forecast looks unusually poor for the time of year, so anyone got any bright ideas for places to visit if its pouring. Its half term week so I'm sure lots of others will have same problem. : ( Thanks!!!Louise, Moraira

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New Channel 4 documentary series CALLING ALL BRITISH FAMILIES WITH STRUGGLING BUSINESSES ABROAD Do you or do you know anyone whose dream of running a life and a business overseas has gone pear-shaped? Maybe it’s cash flow problems, language barriers or simply cultural differences that are making things difficult. Are you looking for some help and advice to save your business? If so then please call Meghan at 020 7 013 4556 or email Meghan.just-truelove@rdfmedia.com Meg

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we have just returned home from hospital ( vega baja) with our baby son who we have named marcos, we were told by the hospital that we had to take our son to the nurse in a few days to give a blood test and on the way home we called into our local health centre(bigastro) to arrange this the lady asked if we had a sip card for the baby , we said no he was only born on tuesday. we obtained our tempory sip cards for us and our two other sons by providing our ehic cards which cover all of us until july. i think the lady was saying that we need a ehic card for the baby to get a sip card as we are not yet working in spain but living of savings. is it correct and how was your experience also where do you have to go to register the birth? sorry to bombard you with these questions but we are very concerned if we need any treatment for our newborn

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hello we are moving over to costa blanca in August and would love to hear from any english families who have done the same.we will be living in Rojales.myself,husband and two daughters aged 13 and 9 would love to hear from you. sue x

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hi ..does anyone know, the 15 month vaccination, is it the equivalent to mmr .. is it exactly the same? if so, does anyone know of any private clinic that would do the individual vaccines?many thanksjosJos

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Does anyone have any details of a good agency for au pairs from romania or poland or similar ... ?thanksjosJos

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hi everyone firstly can i say a big thank you to everyone who gave us advise on our this thread,now the moment is open us, exchanged contracts and are to complete on the 12th dec so its cheerio england hola espana. has anyone got experience of having a baby in hospitals around the torrieviecha area,advise good and bad would be most welcome also is there any structure as what to do first regarding registering town hall, padron etc dont know where to start and finally is there any toddler groups in this area, we are moving to a small hamlet called vistabella between jacarila and los montesinos thanks again evryone daz&bek

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Can you buy this medication over the counter here? Friend who just arrived has forgotten his.

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My husband has been suffering from tooth ache for about a week. We could not find a dentist, neighbours then suggested we try the one in Rojales just opposite the Photographs near the Museum. Dentist name is Sonja, open at 9.30 -1.30 then 5.00 to 8.00. Tooth had to come out but she did it there and then, what's more the costs was only 30 euros. Sonja and her receptionist speak some English

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Does anyone know of any mother/toddler groups in Javea?

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Where is the best place to buy the above. I will be shopping in Torrivieja. Want something really nice for 2 and 5 year olds.

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Hiya All, We are visiting Los Altos for 11 days starting Boxing day and as this is to be a regular place for us to come now that we have taken the starting steps and bought a small apartment, we would like advise as to the availability of an evangelical church in the area, or inside a reasonable drive area. ronathome@blueyonder.co.uk Kind regards Ron Ron Clare

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