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The shops are getting fuller of things you will never want or use, the adds are on the telly trying to get you to spend money you do not have. Is'nt it time to stop and think what christmas is really all about? We shall be sending Oxfam unwrapped gifts again this year, check it out spread good cheer. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/Browse.aspx?catalog=Unwrapped&category=UWGifts peace and love xxx

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hey all who look on my topic haha.... iv just moved to torrevieja and im looking for mates about my age in the area... x thanks sarah

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Does anyone know of a respite centre - somewhere where people can be cared for on a regular basis ie w/e stays to give a family a break from caring. Ideally located on Costa Blanca North. Thanks

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hi everyone, me and my wife plus two little ones 1 & 5 have been planning our move to spain (bigastro) for a couple of years now waiting for planning permission etc. we have finally sold our house and were ready to go then.... we discovered my were expecting another baby due in march 08. we were scheduled to move in december and need help,advice in whether 1,to go now and have the baby in spain? 2,sell now rent in england come over after baby born? our prefered choice would to be to go now but we are unsure wether we can have the baby on the health system in spain or we have to go private (what kind of costs involved) we have looked at various websites etc and seem to get conflicting results. also would my eldest son be able to join a local school in jan? thank you for taking the time to read our dilemma and if you or someone you know has had a similar experience we look forward to hearing from you darren & rebecca

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Hi there ... Anyone know of any bonfire/firework displays in the torreveija area tonight?Jos

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I would like some advice on how to comfort a teething baby. I know you can get gels and stuff but what's available here and what works?

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Hi everyone on this lovely helpful forum, As well as investigating state schooling options I do want to look into some paying options too... I am interested in finding out a bit more about XIC, does anyone have any experience of this school (esp primary) as a parent, neighbour, ex student etc etc? Or just local knowledge? thanks in advance! Cazz xx

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Hi all, I notice that a vaccination certificate seems to be one of the many bits of paper required when getting a child into state school in Spain? Specifically would having opted out of MMR vaccination be a problem, does anyone know? We have the infant ones (DTP etc), Many thanks if anyone can clarify this for me, Cazz x

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Can anyone tell me how much pay do mothers-to-be receive for their 16 weeks maternity leave? I've heard it's 100% of your normal pay provided, but is there a cap on the amount?

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dont think i posted my last message right, so here goes again. we are finally taking the plunge and moving out full time from march 08, will be staying for christmas and new year 07/08 for six weeks but would like something more permanent from mid march long term rental wise ( 2ADS 2 KIDS) also if you have a business to sell you have a captive audience. p.s do the secret garden still have their quiz on a thursday night and do graham and debbie still have tipsy's. accommodation we are looking for anywhere from los locos to la mata plz cheers robbie robbie.

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could anyone advise on schooling in the north costa blanca?i have a boy of 13 and 16 and the only information i have is that there are no english speaking state schools.if this is the case could anyone advise if home schooling would be an option? kas

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Can anyone tell me if there are any playgroups or toddler groups in the Rojales area please.

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Has anyone any idea where you can buy swim wear for children that ultraviolet rays cannot get through. I have bought it in Australia but we need some bigger sizes this year and so far have not come across any.

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I must be showing my age but I´m used to everywhere being very quiet where I live, I am in a state of shock as to the amount of noise we British can make! Roll on September! Freda

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I hear all sorts of remedies for this and as its that time of year I just wondered if anyone knew of anything other than a dark room and plenty of water??

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Can anyone recommend something to shift the little mites. I haven´t had to deal with this sort of problem for many years. It was a nit comb in my day!

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Please please make sure that you do not enter the sea if the red flag is flying even if others are ignoring it. I have read of several deaths over the last few weeks and one poor chap was trying to help rescue someone who had ignored the warnings. Murf

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What an excellent idea, parents will be able to register their details with the red cross and each child will be handed a bracelet with a personal identification number. If the child gets lost then the parents or carer willbe phoned by the beach staff. Murf

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We have some family over in August and I need to hire a cot does anyone know of a company who does this in the Mazarron area please? Murf

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Hi, I have recently found out that I am having a baby. As I am moving to the Benidorm area in the next few weeks and probably won't be going back to the UK for at least a year or 2 I would like to know if there any shops like Mothercare where I can buy maternety clothes - or should I buy them here in England before I leave. I feel a bit stupid going to buy these types of clothes at the moment as I haven't even got a serious "bump"!Mari

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