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is there anyone who knows any colleges in Torrevieja or nearby my daughter is 16 and is moving to spain with me next month she wants to continue her education if possible but any colleges i email dont seem to respond she is doing child care at the moment but if she cant continue with that she would like to do an IT course can anyone help please t stockman

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Could someone please tell us about living on Excalibur, (different aspects of it this includes schooling, how children adapt to living in Spain) Thankyou very much Julie and Daveyou only live once if you live it right once is enought.

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hi can anyone help lost touch with a friend mandy taylor nee moore 2 children was running a bar in spain inlaws joy and robert have i think joined them originally fron penn wolverhampton any help will be appricated

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Great News for anyone living on the Cartegena coastline. 100,000 Euros is being donated to the town councils to maintain 19 watch and rescue potisions along the coast. Initially these positions will be staggered, from June 1st until September 31st La Manga will be operative. Then 15th June through to 15th September Cala del Pino, Las Sirenas, Amoladeras, Los Nietoas, Cala Cortina and San Gines (La Azohia) will be in operation. During the main months July and August the remaining beaches along the coast will be manned from Calnegre through to Isla Plana and El Portus. Murf

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I would like to hear of other peoples experience of health care here in Spain. We cannot decicde if we should take out a private health care plan or. should we every need it use the public syayem. We are in the system but have never used it, touch wood!!

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Hi - we are due to come out to Alicante on holiday at the end of August, with our 1 year old daughter. I was wondering if anyone could let me know if there is anywhere that I can hire a travel cot, so that we don't have to lug one onto the plane!! Thanks, Julie

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Must be old age! but I cannot remember when life gaurds begin there duties on local beaches can anyone tell me or who I should ask locally. I am always a bit nervous of swimming without these hero's around thanks

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Hi, i'm a new user! We are coming out to Spain to live in August having had a holiday home in Cabo Roig for 3 years. I have two children, 9 and 7. Does anyone know when registration is for Los Dolces School at Playa Flamenca please? I have heard it's the first two weeks of May but I'm not sure as I have also heard it's Feb/March time! Do you have to go to the Ayuntamiento first during that time or direct to the school? I need to book flights so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. Viv

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I am in the process of helping my elderly parents move to Spain. I have lived here for 5 years my brothers for 3 years and we would all like to be able to spend more time together. My question, well my parents really as they have asked me to find info, is, what sort of facilities are there should they need more help at a later date. They are insistent that they will not let us take on full time caring should it be needed as they did this for their parents and had little if any time for themselves. They are able to pay for care and just want to know what's out there. Hope someone can help. cheers

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Hello everyone. We live in France and home educate our three children, just as we did in the UK. We are contemplating a move to Spain but I am finding it difficult to find any information about home educating in Spain. I can see it is legal, but am interested to hear from anyone living in Spain who has any more knowledge about HE in practice there. I know this is a long shot as we seem very few and far between, but you never know!! Kim.

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Can somebody please tell me if there is any such thing in spain,we are moving to denia in a few months time and i just wonder if you can claim child benefit in spain for our 2 children,i know once we leave the uk it finishes there,my husband will be paying into the spanish system.many thanks nicola

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hi im moving to Torrevieja in May and im trying to find a college for my 16 year old daughter to attend not bothered if its private or not but she dosent speak much spanish so probably be better in an English college anyone got any advice .Tinat stockman

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Hi, I am moving out to Moraira in the next weeks and would like to know if there are any nursery's in this area that would cater for a 19mth old! Or if anybody knows of a good child minder that is fully qualified, it would only be for 1/2 days. Thanks Marie

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my family are registered at the local health centre but are not very happy about the service etc. Can anyone tell me how much it costs for a private doctor? Do you have to register and if so is there a charge for registering or just pay per visit. Also can anyone recommend a private, English speaking doctor in the San Juan area? Dee

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Hi guys, I am looking for a wedding photographer who ideally speaks English. Anyone got any suggestions?   rob

started by: Viv-581350 · last update: 1171834519 · posted: 1171277839

Hi Does anyone know of an English Speaking Doctor near Cabo Roig - don't mind travelling or paying privately. We have a daughter who has quite a complex medical condition that we need to discuss with a doctor before deciding whether to move out to live in September. Also, health insurance - any good ones out there? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Viv

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Does anyone have any contacts they can give us to help with our adoption process. We are: · Adopting 2 daughters from Peru · UK Citizens · Spanish Residents Would appreciate speaking to someone has has already been through this process. Many thanks, Andy & Joan

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Hi Did anyone else see this last night? It was based in Murcia and the Costa Blanca but showed a really frightening situation for the health service for expats... At least the Health Minister says that those of us living in Murcia should be safe in 12months. Has anyone had experience of this?

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Hello everyone, Just a quick question. My fiance and I are getting married in October and need to get our wedding invites sent out to the UK, the problem is where do we get them? Can anyone help? Thanks

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Hi, my boyfriend and I are in the process of buying a villa in the Costa Blanca. Here is my dilemma - my boyfriend is divorced - he was married in a registry office and has not been christened. I on the other hand have been christened (CofE) and would ideally like to get married in church. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is not possible to get married in church because of the divorce then is it possible for a divorced person to get married elsewhere in Spain? Please help! Thanks Lou  

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