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My daughter ,who's 22 will be moving to costa soon but is concerned it will be difficult to meet people and make new friends, She's not a drinker, is artistic, likes music and she is a crystal healer and interested in alternative therapy, she also writes. What's out there for her, any ideas.

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We are family of 4 moving to the Costa blanca moraira area at the end of this year,could somebody help me re schools,we want to send the children to a spanish school my son will be 8 and our daughter 4,do they have one intake a year and if so is this in September or do they take children in if there is spaces throughout the year,i have got the details to apply for our nie numbers we are renting a property for 6 months so need to apply for our residencia,we are going over the first week of June to sort the nie numbers once we have them i believe you can go onto the next stage we are returning again in august,any help would be greatly appreciated. nicola

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I am coming to Benidorm in 2 weeks time with my children who are 13 and 16 and wonder if Terra Mitica is suitable. Any comments grateful.Valerie

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I am staying in Benidorm in 2 weeks time with my children, 13 and 16 and would like to find some places to visit that do not require a car. Any suggestions welcome.Valerie

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Could anyone tell me where you can get a cervical smear test in theTorreveja area please

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I am hoping to move to costa blanca south after xmas with my daughter. I am looking to rent a property for a period of 6 to 12 months with a view to buying if myself and my daughter decide to stay permanently. The areas i am looking into are villamartin/los dolces or playa flamenca. If there is anyone who can help me by giving me info on rentals, schools, residency, or who could just be there to help me to find my feet for the first few weeks, then it might not be such a scary prospect! It would also help to be able to meet new people, so that i would at least have some new friends when we get there. Hope to speak to you soon, Jackie

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Hi everyone. I live in Javea with my husband and our 6 month old son. Although I am English, I speak in Spanish with my husband and am worried that our son is not going to learn English. Are there any English creches I could leave him in when I return to work after Christmas? becky

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Does anyone know where I can find a Valencian language class or private tutor? jackinspain

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Can anyone advise me on a nice family ski resort where I can spend Christmas with my family? We used to go to Chamonix, but now that we are in Spain it makes more sense to stay put. flo

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My sister has dizzy spellsand the doc said she is deficient in Magnesium. What sort of food should be eating? rob

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Hi all,   Have just found out that i am pregnant, i will be due to have the baby in Jan in Denia Hospital. As this is my 1st, was wondering if anyone can give me some advice regarding child birth in spain. I have heard that there isnt the option for gas and air? Epidurals must be pre-booked and paid for? and that the only pain killer they have is pethadine? can anyone help

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Can anyone recommend a consultant & a clinic that can carry out an annual mammogram & ultra sound examination. Anywhere on the Costa Blanca. Lots are advertised but word of mouth counts when dealing with your health. Cheers billym

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Can anyone tell me when the children in Spain go back to school? Lindz

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I'm going back to the Uk soon to visit my sister who has just had a little girl. Where can I find a nice present to take back? Doesn't necessarily have to be Spanish...could just be an outfit? Any ideas??

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I am trying to obtain work here in spain and wondered if anyone had any tips on the best way about finding employment. Seems that it comes down to who you know rather than what you know. I am particularly interested in work at Al Eltet airport in Alicante, again any useful tips would be useful. Steve

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Great site!  We've need something like this for a long time! I have 2 children of 4 and 6 years and we're hoping to move to the Costa Blanca.  Can anyone who's tried local Spanish schools and / or international schools offer any tips for us? Thanks, Chelle

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My mum is coming out to visit in August, has anyone got any ideas on where I can take her? We will have a car so that is not a problem. I would like to take her to some really beautiful spots. Because I work here I have never had the opportunity to really look around the area myself. Fran

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Diabetes - In the U.K and France Diabetes treatment is  free due to the fact it is incurable and regular prescriptions etc etc. Is this the case in Spain?

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Are there any Summer schools for English children over the holidays? I don't want my kids to be left at home bored for 3 months when they could be doing something constructive with their time.. wayne

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Hi can anyone tell me how much family allowance is in Spain please. I am moving to the area in the near future thanks fee

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