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As a Brit considering moving to Estepona I am trying to understand what we would need to do to live there. I have seen conflicting advice on EU citizens being able to stay as long as they have been there 5 years and another saying just 3 months then needing to apply for residency   Anyone able to clarify?  Thanks. 

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I currently own a property in the Alicante region which I purchased with a view to renting as a holiday let (when I am not out there myself) until I retire and can move out there. I am now hearing horror stories of needing a licence to rent a property and the strict conditions imposed by local councils which would not be financially viable unless you are a company with numerous properties to let. i.e. somebody on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. The information I am picking up is that the local authorities are employing people to trawl the owners rental websites looking for individuals renting property and laying totally disproportionate fines running into tens of thousands of euros on these people.Can anyone offer any information or advice on this. Many thanks,Ronette

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I have recently been advised that I must now declare my military pension which is taxed by HMRC to the Spanish tax authority who declare that they use the value of this income to be added to all other income to determine which tax bracket I am in. They emphasise that they do not tax this element as that would go against the 'double taxation agreement'. The effect of this is that I am moved into a much higher tax bracket on which all my other income will be taxed thereby increasing my annual tax liability by almost €2000.00. Is this correct as to me it seems to be doubLe taxation by 'stealth'.

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What are the laws governing the safe enjoyment of model aircraft flying?

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Hi I am hoping someone can help.  I am looking to mov to Spain in August with my non EU wife.  We have a marriage certificate issued in Azerbaijan which is where we were married.  However I have read lots of conflictimng info over what is needed so would like it clarifying please.  Firstly I have read that I need a marriage certificate isued in an EU country.  Azerbaijan is not an EU country however it has been translated into English and notarised and also has an apostille stamp on it.  Is this sufficient?  Also I have read that they may ask for one issued within the past 90 days?  How would this be possible as we have to be in the country 3 months before applying for my wifes residency.  Also I have read somewhere else that Spain are actually breaking EU directives by asking this.  Any help will be appreciated.   thanks Darren

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Good morning Myself and my family are starting to rent a property near Benidorm in the next 3 weeks.  The rent has been addressed via a real estate agent.   We are renting for a period of 2 years. Do we need to apply for an NIE in order that we can employ phone and internet services or open a non resident bank account. We look to use the villa we are renting for the  purpose of holidays and not to permanently live in. If so, can the NIE be completed in one day?  Can it be completed at the Policia Nacional in Benidorm? Thank-you

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Hi, I and many others have lost a lot of money by scammers in Albox and Almanzora, we are all over facebook on  these people .Ana Van de Pluijm and her family have left people without homes and without any money to support their familys. Lets make no mistake these people need to be caught and punished to the full extent of the law, who we have heard little from . These people who have been scammed could be your mother father, daughter anyone .THEY NEED CATCHING , please help us by reaching to  as many people as possible . Don Herron

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I paid a deposit to an estate agent but have not yet signed a contract. My family position has changed unfortunately and no longer wanting to buy the property. As I have not signed a contract will I be able to get my deposit back ?  Just adding that the sales sheet advertised telephone and Internet is at the house although I have since found out that it isn't. If I am not legally entitled to my deposit back will this fact change the position ? thank you Barrie

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Hi. Apologies in advance if this is a long story... I rent a home in Denia. The home is owned by a German couple who are represented by a real estate company (that you should never use). We hired a gardener (recommended by the real estate agent) last spring. The water bill we received after hiring the gardener was about 800 euros. We fired the gardener and contacted the water company, real estate agency and Aqualia, who said they would resolve the bill. The real estate agent had the German couple submit (probably false) bills to Aqualia stating that there was a leak. Aqualia decreased the bill by a couple hundred euros. (By the time this was done we had received the next water bill for another 800 euros. The gardener had the garden watering system set to run 2 hours a day and his one month tenure with us spanned two billing cycles.) A letter we received stated that they decreased the bill because a leak had been reported to them. The water bills resumed to normal -- about 20 - 50 euros per month (it is a vacation home) in the periods after the gardener's departure. We paid a few hundred euros, estimating what our normal usage would be and trying to avoid the cutting off of the water. We have only 2 months left on the rental -- we would never do business with the real estate company again and are leaving. The problem is that they have our security deposit and we are fearful they will retain it to pay the water bill, which we feel strongly is now the responsibility of the owners (on paper), although everyone involved that "the gardener did it." We have asked them (for months) to resolve this issue -- they have not budged.  I would like to put the remaining rent into some kind of escrow account while a solution is reached and the bill is paid. (By the way, the bill is in the name of the owner. Also, they did not put our security deposit in a hacienda account.) Does anyone know if this is possible or have any advice?

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Thousands of women have had their pension age changed TWICE or THREE times with mostly no notification. My wife had a SPA changed in 1995 to 62 and a half and then in 2011 changed again to 64 and a half. From her class at school she will retire in March 2018 , another of her friends March 2019 then another 2020 .They were born 6 months apart but retire 2 years apart. None of them were given any notice of the change. In fact one only found out a few weeks ago when she came out to visit us. It was a big surprise to her. It has affected men and women, both have had their age for state pension changedand both have had their bus pass age increased.   I must stress they don`t disagree with increasing the SPA , but it is the timescale that is too short a time. Also it is NOT true that many of these women will be better off with the new pension, the new pension will be £155 maximum, and anyone that opted out of serps will get a reduced amount.     Please sign the petiton today it is only fair   https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776   For more info look at   http://www.paullewismoney.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/women-given-just-2-years-notice-of.html   http://www.catherinemckinnellmp.co.uk/newcastle-north-mp-steps-up-state-pension-age-campaign/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyPWwZSlOUk&feature=em-upload_owner#action=share

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Hi Could anyone recommend an English speaking property Lawyer and a conveyancer In Costa Blanca? thanks

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Hello, Anyone dealt with them since they were taken over? Thanks

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Hi there,  My husband and i would like to move to Costa Blanca area in the next 10 years, is there a system where i can pay tax in UK and also to Spain at the moment, which would make me eligible for benefit whikst looking for a job. Thanks Sharon 

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I hope someone can help me. I have read the factsheets and websites about income tax in Spain, but I must admit I didn't find that sort of stuff easy to understand even in English! Can anyone tell me in easy to follow terms how badly their pensions are taxed in Spain? I'm not talking about the people who had massive private pensions or the people who are coping on just the basic government pension, but somewhere in the middle - say for example about 2000 euros a month all pension income. I'd be grateful for any info about this as I would like to move from France to Spain, but not if it's going to mean that I can't afford to eat!

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We are going to bring my 97 year old Mother, from the UK, to live with us here in Spain. Am I correct in thinking that the application Form EX-18 will get her an NIE number and her Residencia, or do I need to complete application Form EX-15 for the NIE number in addition. Also does anyone know if I have to take her in person to the Foreigners Office in Denia? As we have moved home recently, do we have to renew our Residencia - or is sufficient that we have submitted our 2014 tax return from our new address?

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Can anyone recommend a Mortgage Broker in the Denia/Javea area? Thanks

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Anyone have any experience of AES Fund Management ?

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Hi, I have to find out how to be a tax resident in Spain. . I need to know the tax free values that are in place at the moment. I understand that the allownces are much less that the U.K. [£10,600 for my age group]   Best Wishes Dave.

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Help locate Liverpool man wanted in connection with drugs plot and murder of British national in Spain   The National Crime Agency is appealing to the public to help find a suspected member of a Merseyside based organised criminal network that plotted to smuggle up to 40 tonnes of drugs into the UK.   Paul John Scott, aged 32, from Liverpool, is wanted for questioning in connection with the plot to import cocaine from South America hidden inside tins of fish and wooden pallets. The Guardia Civil in Spain would also like to talk to Scott about the murder of British national Francis Brennan in Alicante earlier this year.   Scott is believed to be in Europe and has links to Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. An appeal for information relating to Scott was to be broadcast on BBC One’s Crimewatch programme on Thursday 4th  December at 21.00 GMT.   The appeal for Scott precedes the sentencing on 5th December at Liverpool Crown Court of his criminal associate Kevin Jennings, aged 51, from Huyton, Liverpool, for conspiracy to import cocaine. Jennings was arrested in May 2014 by NCA officers while walking his dog in Walton.   Twenty-four members of the highly sophisticated international criminal network were jailed for more than 250 years in October 2011.   Greg McKenna, North West Investigations Branch Commander, said:   “Paul Scott is the last man outstanding in our investigation into the plot to flood the UK with huge quantities of drugs. He is also wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of Francis Brennan.   “We are working closely with Merseyside Police and the Spanish authorities to locate him but we need the help of the public too.   “If you have information on the whereabouts of Scott, no matter how small or trivial it seems, please contact the NCA or Crimestoppers anonymously.”   Anyone in Spain with information can call a special freephone number - 900 555 111 - which will be answered in the UK by Crimestoppers’ call agents. A translation service is available upon request.

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HELP..... i seem to be paying a vast number of taxes ,non resident, community, sewage, rubbish, garage, storage, and who knows what else i have tried translating bill that is impossible in some cases one translation was, louse brook ? anyone out there who can let me know how many different taxes as a single woman owning an appartment here should be paying thanks

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