Applying for an NIE - Necessary?

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Good morning Myself and my family are starting to rent a property near Benidorm in the next 3 weeks.  The rent has been addressed via a real estate agent.   We are renting for a period of 2 years. Do we need to apply for an NIE in order that we can employ phone and internet services or open a non resident bank account. We look to use the villa we are renting for the  purpose of holidays and not to permanently live in. If so, can the NIE be completed in one day?  Can it be completed at the Policia Nacional in Benidorm? Thank-you

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Justin 1459155230

In short: yes. You need an NIE for almost anything: opening a bank account, renting a home and even to get cellular service (contract - not pre-paid). Getting an NIE can take weeks if not months, I'd start the process as soon as possible or else hire one of the firms that can get expedite the process for you.

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