Death taxes & Our kids having NIE numbers

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Can anyone advise please? We have been told that, when we die, if our kids have NIE numbers they will pay less tax on the sale of our property. Is this true and if so how much less tax?Very grateful for any replies from anyone who has experienced this problem. If it is true we need to persuade the kids to come here to sort it out. Some live a long way away!

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gus-lopez 1391382395

No even if they didn't have nie numbers they would have to obtain them just ti inherit. There is no less tax to pay for a non-resident who has an nie. It is only less & that depends on the region you live in , if you are resident.

Here in Murcia they have just removed the additional IHT allowance so that now there is no difference between a resident & non-resident.

jscpch-588500 1391382903

Many thanks for that information.

miiitrx 1391444948

Hi Gus

Would you happen to know the IHT allowance for propertt in Alicante region - is there any difference between Resident and Non resident ?

As a non resident at preesent in the event of death would there be a huge difference in TAX to pay if my Wife or Kids were non resident ?


Thanks in advance





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