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I currently own a property in the Alicante region which I purchased with a view to renting as a holiday let (when I am not out there myself) until I retire and can move out there. I am now hearing horror stories of needing a licence to rent a property and the strict conditions imposed by local councils which would not be financially viable unless you are a company with numerous properties to let. i.e. somebody on call 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. The information I am picking up is that the local authorities are employing people to trawl the owners rental websites looking for individuals renting property and laying totally disproportionate fines running into tens of thousands of euros on these people.Can anyone offer any information or advice on this. Many thanks,Ronette

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Daniel H 1464335375

Hi Ronette. There's some good advice on the the webiste. Here's a great link that explains what you need to do...

Hope that helps!
Out of interest, whereabouts is your new place?

Ronette 1464388998

Hi Daniel H,

Thanks for that, have read the article and it does seem a bit simpler than I was lead to believe. Mind you I am sure there will be a lot of Spanish bureaucracy to contend with. Will look into it next time I am out there. Looks like I need to do a bit of measuring.

By the way my place is in Pinar de Campoverde


Daniel H 1464939295

Congratulations on the purchase. I like the Campoverde area - really nice!

My wife and I are in a similar position but won't be ready to rent ours until the end of the year. If I make the tourism application before you, I'll post up the experience here. :-)


Ronette 1465122546

Ok thanks for that. I am going out there in August. As I bought the property through a Spanish estate agent I will also have a chat with them to see if they can offer any advice. If I manage to get registered before the end of the year I will post it back for you too:-)

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